Sunday, December 15, 2013


Wednesday on the way to Muscle Shoals, this is what we saw...

Driving east on our road. Wish I'd had my big camera. I don't think this is the same as hoarfrost, which the dictionary says is frozen dew, but it's pretty close. The fog froze on trees, grass, roofs, cars... Like an ice storm only it was fog and not sleet.

Near Mississippi/Alabama state line.


The trees were so much frostier than appear here.

Our Lucy, looking up at the front door.

This guy was at Walmart last week. (Iuka Dog Drives to Walmart.) I made the picture with my iPhone, emailed it to myself so Paul could see it. He knew whose dog this is! He's a retired State Trooper now lay preacher. Paul said he'd show it to him.

Santa and his helper. Santa being Mike in this case. He changed the outlet so the deck lights would work. Can't use when raining, but wouldn't work when raining anyway.

I saw this on a blog I read, thought it'd be a cute little favor at our club party next week. Immediately ran to Amazon and shopped for the red, green and white M&Ms that go with the cards. Put some in plastic bag with car and voila!

We're in the process of getting ready to go see our Christmas music presentation at church. Aunt Ginny is driving over to pick us up so we can go in her car. Paul's cousin Glenda is the pianist and used to be the choir director. It's difficult for AG to get in Paul's truck - too high. Think I'll go "cook," meaning Stouffer's tonight.

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