Sunday, December 15, 2013


Aunt Ginny drove over last night and she, Paul and I went in her car to the Christmas cantata at church. (She said she would be here at 5:45; the program began at 6:30. She was here at 5:30. I told Paul, that's okay, she's eager to go and when we get to be 93, God willing, we'll look forward to being early, too.)

There were so many lights, I was a bit stunned at first and thought I'd get one of those awful headaches, but I guess I got used to them. It was a beautiful program.

After church today, Paul and I went to Hardee's and picked up hamburgers for lunch. He and I have been watching ballgames, "Murder She Wrote," napping and reading (Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - me) this afternoon. Snacking on Animal Cookies, with little bits of their heads and legs to Oscar. He goes for grooming Tuesday - I hop he isn't as round under all that hair as he appears to be. Just too cold for many walks.

Sher is coming the 20th. We want to see "Secret Life of Walter Mitty," which comes out Christmas Day. It depends on what the rest of the day holds; Amy and Matt will be here only that day and I won't go to a movie if they're here. It may be the "late show" at 7, if it's even on in Corinth.  Others I'd like to see: "Saving Mr. Banks," "Philomena," "Frozen," "Medea's Christmas." I haven't watched any of the regular Christmas movies this year - "It's a Wonderful Life," "Christmas Story," "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." Have been reading a lot, till my eyes blur, anyway.

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