Thursday, December 12, 2013


How many times have I said that?? But it's true. How many "come aparts" have I had because I wasn't very brave at the moment? Not terribly often, but yesterday I did.

Tuesday night I didn't sleep well or much. Then Wednesday morning had to be up and gone to Muscle Shoals by 8:00 for dental appointment. The first visit is pan-xray, actual photos of all teeth, xrays for potential trouble spots or cavities. Explanation of any findings - all this took about 2 hours. Love Dr. Gillespie - she's so patient and thorough. I won't have to have IV for the work I have to have done because it just involves two small fillings. But the crown that was recommended is "okay" for now - although that tooth has a deep filling and it is from one side of the molar to the other, like it's gluing the tooth together. No more peanut brittle or Stacy's chips. Then there was a suspicious looking tooth - and another one I told her about that is very sensitive and has gotten darker over time. They did xrays of the front teeth. One top tooth is dissolving from the outside (I don't remember the medical name for it), the other one is dissolving from the inside (this is called internal resorption). So basically these two teeth are weakening. I could tell immediately from the xray about the bottom tooth - the "shell" is thin! It could break off... Remedies include pulling it before it breaks and using braces to close the gap, do an implant, or make a bridge; maybe one other option. Anyway, I'm to see another endodontist to see what he says... 

Home and tired, but accepting of the situation. Paul got the rest of ornaments down and I started finishing tree. Outside lights won't work since something got wet, either the wiring or inside the GFI box... I don't know. That broke the camel's back. All I wanted was Christmas lights on the deck so I had a little come apart in the yard. Dang cold yard, crying. Anyway, back inside working on the tree and what with me being tired, little sleep, stress in the chair at the dentist's office (had to go potty 3 times, always have to, not in the chair, though, but almost!), lights on the tree and no lights outside, my left eye started feeling funny and I thought, great - a migraine. Then I thought it was going away. But then full blown aura. So I quickly took my little pill for that and lay down and slept for about 30-40 minutes. When I got up the aura was gone, but I always have a headache afterward. Finished the tree; baked a cake... Tommy brought us some oranges - he'd bought a whole box from a fund raiser.When I finally went to bed after 11:00 I slept good last night. 

Today I went to book club meeting and it was our Christmas goodie day. I made pictures of everyone there and asked Jo to make one of me, so I'd "be there." The photographer is never "there."

This evening I went back to town to take our Sunday School class's donation of canned goods to the food pantry and I thought, Pat, Christmas lights are such a minor issue. A couple was going in for some food as I carried in some bags and I was thankful we had made our collection, and thankful we can buy food and have food in the pantry. Lord, help me be more mindful of important things and thankful for things I take for granted.

Another week... Tomorrow's Friday and the house looks like a dust storm has blown in. Next week is a priority house-cleaning week! I keep things picked up and laundry done and the bed made - it's the deep cleaning that needs to be done, and it's so cold and I can finally sit under a quilt and read!

I sent out an email to my family about coming out Christmas Eve - anyone who can - not sure Amy will be here until Christmas Day. Melanie only gets Christmas Day off. Not sure if Jordan will be here. Not sure about the young families with little kids... So anyway, the invitation is extended - we will be here - bring finger food they you come and we'll eat what we have and bring! Just so we can get together for a little while possibly. As the oldest I feel responsible and especially since we don't have Mama's to go to now... Miss her so much. I'm so mindful of what an effort it was for her when we were all there, but she loved it, and we did try to do everything. Anyway, as Mark used to say, "It is what it is." And I don't get in a wad about it. We'll see each other sometime during the holidays. 

Paul will do what he can about the Christmas lights on the deck. I have gifts to wrap. I saved Sher an orange. God is good and I thank Him for His Son.

The lights worked this evening for about five minutes. 

Big Bird - so well-loved his neck is broken; the bow helps hold his head up.

I did this last year, too. No wonder I had a migraine. Well, but this wasn't last night.

We were ready to go to the Car Club dinner at Point of View. Too much overhead light, but turned out pretty good.

 Found this at Belmont store Bren and I went to last week.

 Setting the timer.

Miss you, Mama.

Handmade paper ornament by Amy. About 35 years old.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa that Mama gave me.

Photoshopped the elf hat. I passed it on to Kiley last year.

Miss you, too, Tommy.

The Broughton hall tree.

She has had a broken and glued leg.

I think this is Amy's camera ornament I gave her in the exchange last year since she was on Instagram so much.

All done.

Book club - Betty McKee in red sweater; Jo Russell in black.

Leaders, Betty and Fredda McCune (Fredda and I were in same class. She retired as librarian in January of last year.)

Gwen Spain, new librarian.

Carolyn Hester (Apron Museum) and a gentleman whose name I've forgotten. Has been a member before and has returned.

Jo took this of me.

Mr. Shore and I can't recall her name right now. She gets books on tape because of bad eyesight.

Betty Nelson, with hand up.

Betty and Mr. Gregory always sit together.

Betty and Lori (she goes to Mission Lighthouse Church).

Betty's husband Whit, who diligently helps with book club. You hardly see one without the other. Betty's dad died last week - Mr. Herman Gray, who was at Carrington, in the room across from Mama Nick. He was 93.

Just some of the goodies. Fredda's Santas.


Fredda's husband Sam, one of Paul's classmates.

Sorry, on the tip of my fingers, but can't recall his name right now.

Betty Nelson.

Santas on the table where I sat.

Al Lovelace and Lori. Al and Betty M were classmates, Tishomingo.

Now this is from the 20th Century Club meeting last week. But I didn't have a good picture of Jo, so I used this. Sue is Mrs. Santa. 

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