Monday, December 09, 2013


Our WMU meeting was cancelled for this morning because of the inclement weather and at least two sick - one in the hospital. I have not dressed.

I meant to take food we collected at Sunday School party the other night to the Food Pantry, but that meant I would need to go ahead and buy more canned goods with the money we also had donated. And that meant a trip to Walmart since I need to go there anyway...  Just couldn't deal with it today. So very thankful I'm able to make that decision - to stay indoors when the weather is like this! 

Tomorrow night is the Car Club Christmas supper at On the River just over the Alabama line and Paul and I (as well as the other members) have pre-ordered. We chose filets. Every time I eat filet I think of Teri and how we could split a 6 ounce filet and be full! Wednesday really bright and early (8:00 AM) I have an appointment in Muscle Shoals, about an hour away, with my new dentist, about getting this crown and filling done - with sedation. The new crow I had done in Corinth is still "touchy" so I'll ask about that, too. Be so glad when this dental ordeal is over.

Thursday - Book Club. The Christmas Train. Finger foods for our little get-together. Love book club. What to make to take? I have plenty of ingredients here and lots of sweets recipes saved on Facebook. For January I know our book will be Ecclesiastes. Will be exciting to see what the other 11 will be. Wonder if any of my suggestions made it? Doesn't matter, always learn something. Starting to read Alexander McCall Smith's newest No. 1 Detective Agency book - the  Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon. So many historical books I want to read: The Bully Pulpit for one. My eyes won't go that fast or stay sharp that long!

Paul started the generator that his city department heads gave him when he retired. He tried it the other day and it wouldn't crank. Today he drained the gas, added new gas and something else and it fired right up. Thankfully we have had power all this time - no ice. The country is getting a blast from the North Pole for sure! He had to buy a new truck battery today, too.

An interesting life to read about: Nelson Mandela, who died this past weekend. I'm sure there will be many books about him, and already are. Some of the books he read in prison were by Maya Angelou, one she mentioned, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," she told Andrea Mitchell in a phone interview today.  I keep hearing about how he masked his anger. I also have seen and heard about his dignity and grace. He certainly drew a divided South Africa together.

It's already 3:30 and nearly time to either take a shower finally or start thinking about supper. We don't really eat that much - when I cook large amounts we have it for days and it gets old. Next time I go to the grocery store I'll get some more Stouffer's dinners. 

Generally, our health is good; we have so much to be thankful for. I've had stomach isues - acid reflux - and am taking two meds again for that. Paul has another cyst which has been relieved by draining somewhat and also taking a strong antibiotic which makes him feel really bad. But right now he's gone "out town" as Mama used to say. I asked him to stop for Aunt Ginny's and our mail. A 93 year old woman and a 65 year old woman don't need to be out in this cold. I have walked Oscar a few times today for potty breaks. Paul picks up AG's garbage every week and takes to the road, too.

Amy is getting excited about moving to a duplex the first of the year. Even with moving her one room of furniture, it's going to be a job! But she's excited. It's near one of the contract funeral homes she works for so that'll be handy and it will be nearer her regular work place.

Sher just called - probably be here December 20. Can't believe how this month is flying by. Good chance we won't all be here at the same time - Melanie uncertain, Amy and Jordan's work schedules... We just do what we can - most of all remember that it is Jesus's birthday.

As Mr. C used to say - "It's three-dog cold!" But Oscar has solved that by being a wotten dog and getting under our covers. He doesn't do this every night, nor stay under the cover. He sleeps on an old sheet or afghan kind of between me and Paul. He's warm. O, that is!

By the way - my baby was 9 years old yesterday!

He needs groomed so bad - hate to have his hair cut though since it's so cold.

 Paul getting the tree together. Pre-lit - they all work!

Reflections on a winter's day...

I haven't tried the lights again. It rained again last night. May freeze tonight.

My other Nativity is somewhere - I don't think I found it last year. I think the TB's got these one year after Christmas for like $2.00 a set in Jonesboro and Trees and Things or something like that.

An old snow globe.

Jazzy Angel, holding out these many years. She's at least 35 years old.


Cappleman's Antiques window.

Methodist Church parsonage. I may have already posted this. My pictures overtake me...

Ben Heather and Tuesday.

I bought myself a Christmas present: A Kindle Paperwhite - I had tried two before and neither seemed to have good wifi connection. Since then (it's been just about a year) we've changed providers (U-Verse, which is much better), so maybe it'll work better. Paul has the iPad most of the time - I do have Kindle on it - but I don't have the device much. I'm sure he'd hand it over, but since he's been on Facebook he can see the posts better on it. And it's easier than the laptop. (I told him so...) I got a 10% AARP discount on it. Maybe the screen will be easier on my eyes, too. They blur when I read a lot - book or tablet, so I'll see how the Paperwhite does. (BTW, I think drone delivery is a gimmick - surely they are not serious about that!)

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