Saturday, December 07, 2013


So many holiday activities! I'm glad we at least got a picture of the deck all lit up for the holidays because now they don't work! Paul said the trip button is supposed to work that way when there's something wrong in the circuit - most likely too much water (rain this week - there's a pond below the house) - but hopefully it will dry out and work soon. It's been so icy-blasting cold! Nothing like NE Arkansas and Southern Missouri had, even Wynne, some in Memphis - but still... After Thanksgiving just count on winter barreling over the plains toward our little hills and valleys.

Thankfully we have had power all along, and I'm so thankful for the huge gas heater that's now in the den (which we had in Wynne); its warmth is powerful after a quick trip outside with Oscar for potty or to feed the cats. Speaking of which, Lucy will now sleep in the same chair in the garage with Barney. I don't know where that leaves Thelma, but Lucy is the one I worried about this winter - her first outdoors.

We've since added red bow.

Mississippi sunset.

Twentieth Century Club meeting. L-R, Vicki, Cindy, Bren, Jo, Maxine, Fredda, Zenobia. (I'll have to start asking Bren to take pic of me so I can at least be "present" at the meetings!)

Joy and Brenda sang "O Come All Ye Faithful." I've heard Joy sing solos at church and she has a beautiful voice. I've heard Bren sing in choir and the congregation, but never heard her voice so distinctly before - she is multi-talented!

Miss Zenobia - such a beautiful lady! And 94!


Sue (Mrs. Santa) and Joy - hostess and program presenter.

Just after the club meeting, our Sunday School class met and ate - This is Dorsey, our teacher. We played the Wright/Left game and exchanged ornaments. The guys brought small tools or shop things and I numbered them for drawing... Paul got some Gorilla tape and a wattage tester.


Jackie, Linda, Charlotte.

Kirk and Peggy, Nancy, Hosea (my cousin).

James and Dorsey, just before Kirk. On other side, Peggy, Hosea's wife; Kay and Eddie.

Charlotte, Emily and Al Green. Emily and Al know Robert and Annette Crockett, having been missionaries in Argentina also.

Nancy presenting Dorsey her gift (shown above).

After Eddie is Pete, Jackie's husband, then all the others named before.

Jo and I chose this home as winner of "Christmas Under the Stars" for first week in December. It's the Methodist parsonage for the UMC Iuka North Charge.

I sent an article to the paper with the night pictures - at their discretion use if they think either will show up.

On Tuesday this week, Paul and I helped Jo and Tuck decorate the arch at the Park. Next Tuesday we'll finish with nandina berries. This is before the wind and rain came through.

Oscar all laid out under the cat housecoat on my bed. I think Jean gave me this one year - it was a gown and I split it the rest of the way down and made a housecoat.

Christmas gift for a special little girl!

Teri's jewelry hanger with my things on it. Playing with the camera.


Hanging of the Greens at Church last Sunday night. Each family brings an ornament to put on the tree in the sanctuary. Our neighbor portrays Jesus; he has in the past, also.

Dr. Ben and his wife Joy (from above picture) putting their ornament on. She sang "Sweet Little Jesus Boy" this night. One of the most beautiful renderings I've ever heard. Such a range of voice, clear and with love and emotion.

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