Wednesday, December 04, 2013


It just happens. Thanksgiving went by too fast, now it's already December 4 - AMY'S 40TH BIRTHDAY - which I wrote about last night. I'm trying to stay up. 

Yesterday I went to a friend's father's funeral - Mr. Gray was 93. Aunt Ginny said she remembered cutting Mr. Gray's first wife's hair many years ago; he had remarried late in life after Mrs. Gray #1 died and they were married 39 years. I'll have to remember to tell Betty. Paul took me to Bren's because his truck was being checked for possible battery problem (none found) and I rode with her to Belmont to the funeral. Lunch at Belmont Cafe, then shopping at TMI which is a decorating store. I got two rolls of mesh, a roll of ribbon, a book for Sher, one for me, two pottery Christmas balls that can be picture frames...

Last night Jo and I went to look for and award a Christmas decorated house for "Christmas Under the Stars," which we randomly chose and it turned out to be the UMC Iuka North Charge parsonage! So we met the new (since August) pastor for three of the Methodist churches in the county - Campground, Rocky Springs (both down Coleman Park road across the highway from us), and Mt. Evergreen, on Eastport Road. 

This morning Paul and I went to Mineral Springs Park to help decorate the arch, and got most of it done. Jo and Tuck were there; we'll wait until after the bad weather goes through to finish up with nandina. Iuka's parade has been postponed until Tuesday, which I "heard" Wynne's also has. (Paul on FB.) Since I was in town I stopped at Walmart (just about always $100 or close to it), got a roll of colored lights for around the top of the deck, and various and sundry other things; took a magazine and candy to Nellie Horton in the hospital (member of our church/WMU) and she was in PT, so I left a note; by the Sappington house for pictures. I'll try a night time picture which probably won't show up as well in the paper. 

Tomorrow at 10:00 I have a Medicare physical appointment and need some RX refills... At 3:30 - take my bag of Sunday School materials to Homestead so Kay W can set up the tables in case I'm late; 4:00 - 20th Century Club meeting; 5:30 Sunday School supper.

Friday - nothing as far as I know.

Christmas tree still in box in living room along with boxes of decorations.

Matt emailed me pictures he'd made of Amy opening his birthday gift to her. He called me yesterday about a Pandora bracelet - I knew she'd love it. I don't know which charm(s) she has but she was thrilled!

I'm going to let some pictures download while I go do a load of laundry. "Amy's" bed is covered with Christmas stuff; there is stuff on "Sher's" bed; there is stuff on both tables. I think I need to clean and organize some stuff.

Thanksgiving Day - heavy frost.

Lucy disappeared for about a week just a few weeks ago. When she returned she was thin and crying. Ever since she has been close to the carport. I figure she got closed up in a shed or barn and couldn't get out and when she did, realized she better hightail it home! The experience pretty much changed her personality. She's been with the other cats more and closer to the house.

Two of the dishes I took to Aunt Ginny's.: sweet potatoes (not out of a can), apple pie filling (out of a can), 20th Century Club pecans, about a stick of butter and half a cup or so of orange juice. And fried okra.

Amy and I taking pictures of each other. Macy's Parade on TV.

Just kicked back.

Aunt Ginny, Jess and Tommy.

Matt, Amy, AG, Jess.

Matt, Amy, Tommy and Carol, me and Paul, Jessica, Billy and Jenni, David and Sandra, Aunt Ginny to my left.

Sandra showing Matt pictures of Bear Creek fall foliage along the banks.

I borrowed these pictures from Matt. Amy's surprise from him...She said she had a great birthday and got a lot of wishes on FB.

Paul and I put colored lights around the top of the deck and he put the tree together tonight. Diane Dean stopped by on her walk to tell us how pretty the deck lights were. So nice to give others some Christmas cheer. The tree lights all burn, thankfully, and I'll try to start on decorations tomorrow or Friday. And yet another week has passed by... So many pictures and stories on my camera... For another day.

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