Monday, December 23, 2013


Friday morning Edwina my cousin called and we had lunch at Homestead. That's the first time I'd seen her since her husband Olen died. She spends a lot of time with her sister now. Olen's birthday would have been Christmas Eve. He was such a sweet man. Edwina's daughter Diane died in December, too, four years ago now I think. Such a sad time of year for her. 

Sister Sher arrived Friday evening around 5:30, ready for some R&S - but she's been working on "extracurricular" things - like getting her passport renewed, journal entries (school), watching war movies.- all school related things and possibility of job assignments... She and I watched "An Officer and a Gentleman" last night. 
As many of my family that could came over last night - work schedules prevented Amy, Jordan; Tyler had his tonsils out last week; too far to travel for Melanie. We sent videos to them. Just had finger foods, some chili I had made Friday that was left, Rotel dip, pigs in blankets, cookies, fudge (Marsha), pies. Girls exchanged ornaments, played the Penny Game and the Scissors Game.

Today has been very lazy, especially since Sher and I were up late watching movies. Paul went to church this morning and I didn't, although I woke earlier than I would have thought. 

Reading: The Book Thief  on my Paperwhite, borrowed from Amazon, through AF Library, courtesy of Sher. Powered by Overdrive. Nice.

Recap of the week in photos of which I'm also getting prints made plus having this printed for the year. Nothing like paper copies of things, books included.

Snowman Mama gave me one Christmas (also to Sher).

Mama Nick's Bible - one of them - tied with a bow because the pages are brittle and falling out.

Mama's: In Luke 2.

Mama Nick's

Woodruff Christmas party - by Buds: Norma, April Notto, Ruby Huling (April's mother), Cindy and John Holland, Becky Rauth and Wally's hands. Wesley sent this to me via text as they were at the party and I said I sure missed them.

Thursday night's 20th Century Club party at Fredda's house. Sooo beautifully decorated. We laughed so much we hurt! Left to right: Vicki Yates, Maxine Wade, Zenobia Oaks, me, Ruth Ellen Cox, Jo Russell, Fredda McCune, Sue Kerby, Joy Kitchens. I've been with this group two years and have learned a lot and love them all.

Ruth Ellen and Zee.

Our pretty Christmas sox and shoes: at 6:00, mine, then clockwise: Jo's, Ruth Ellen's shoes, Sue's shoes and sox.

Sue - she reminds me a lot of Teri.

Vicki introduced us to the Scissors Game. Took me a loooong time to figure it out!

Me and Susie.

Maxine had to think about it, too. We all did!

Vicki seems to have always been with us. She introduced herself to Jo at the ice cream booth at Heritage Day and asked about the club. Nominated, voted in and been such a fun person to get to know!

Ruth Ellen's take on the scissors.

Maxine. Sweet, lovely lady. Cousin to a classmate and I had no idea until two years ago when I met her. I find out almost weekly there are cousins to cousins galore in this county!

Hostess Fredda, a classmate, too.

Saturday night my family came over - as many as could make it. This is sweet little Tuesday, our newest little Belk.

Great Aunties Pat and Sherron oooh and ahhh over her sweetness and petiteness!

Brother Steve's birthday is three days after Christmas. I "made" this birthday cake especially for him!

Daddy Ben and his precious little daughter. 

How sweet is this!! Love it!

Steve in a pensive moment.

Grandmommy and Granddaddy Belk - brother Mike and Marsha.

Andy - Steve's son and Marsha.

Erica, so pretty. Kiley was at a friend's house for the weekend. 

Oh, yes - she has his number!


Sherron and Heather - we exchanged ornaments - I was so surprised that Oscar just took up with Heather. Oscar was excellent. 

Paul loves Facebook. He's also growing a beard. 

Sleepy little girl.

Erica looking at Sher holding Tuesday.

Too much light, tried to adjust; just didn't have it set right. Me with O, Sher, Marsha, baby Tuesday, Mike; Erica and Andy, Paul, Steve, Heather and Ben. Morgan, Steven and Tyler couldn't come because Ty had his tonsils out Monday or Tuesday and althought he was fine, the weather was too windy and humid.

Some of the richness we had. Foodwise. The best richness was the family being together.

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