Saturday, November 16, 2013


I took care of Kiley after school one evening last week. She's really afraid of Oscar, but we're making progress. I keep O on the leash until he's gotten used to her being in the house, but she doesn't stray far from me. I helped her with homework and she watched TV - I'm sure she was interested in the political pundits. Still working with camera settings and I like this although it's dark.

A rainy morning makes for a cozy bed-day. The yellow blanket was my grandmama's - Goobie's.

 The "Aunt Margaret" Christmas cactus. 

What the Aunt Margaret cactus looked like this evening.

The small cactus that was Mama's - it's doing really well after a near fatal wilt. Goobie in 1957 on the left. Mama Nick with Mama on the right. (Mary Jane's wedding at the old Courthouse.)

Mama Nick's cactus. It was only about one-fourth this size when I got it at Walmart.

Pitcher Teri won (for me) at a silent auction years ago. Amy did the painting above it.

Playing with the camera. Self-portrait. Learning the settings on the timer. 

Aunt Margaret, Mama's oldest sister and only living sibling, was 90 last Sunday, November 10. JoAnn sent me pictures.

Me with Charlotte's aunt Louise at Tishomingo Manor. The 20th Century Club provided cake and company for the residents on Veteran's Day and gave birthday cards to many veterans with birthdays in November. Charlotte said Miss Louise is very social and should be the director. 

Jo, Bren, me, Zenobia, Sue.

Sue toasting Miss Z who was 94 last Saturday (Teri's birthday). By the way, Sue reminds me of Teri - she's about her size, blond, loves to have a good time and laugh, and is a kind sweet Christian lady!

Club meeting Thursday night. Sue had the program, Joy provided hot homemade potato soup and homemade pecan pralines! (Made with Club fundraiser pecans - wonderful!)

Sue's program was about international outreach with main focus on Heifer International! I told her I was very familiar with it (it being headquartered in Little Rock) and how Teri used to give gifts in honor and memory of her family.
Told ya she loved a good time - and she was about done in with a sinus infection. 

My minute book and stuff.

Brenda with Cindy (middle - one of our new members and Bren's daughter-in-law) and Maxine.

We had two members absent: Fredda and Willadeen. Ruth Ellen (at the far end in top picture) drives from near Germantown to the meetings each month! Two other new members on left beside Miss Z: Vicki and Linda. Jo has on the red scarf. The heat didn't work that night at the library meeting room but we made it. Oh, that's my red coat beside Joy and behind Z, and I put it on later!

All the t-shirts are Girl Scout creations with the theme of anti-violence/bullying.

Visiting. Everyone soon learns there is a common family member in their past somewhere or a family connection through friends, spouses' relatives and sometimes all. Vicki remembered that Linda was her mother's nurse. Vicki is also related to Brenda's husband some way.

 On the refreshment table. Joy and her husband raise llamas and loaned Sue the photo.

Meanwhile, back on the "farm":  Another project - painting the swing Maroon!

Barney helped a lot, too.

Amy sent me pictures she and Matt made of each other on a day off. So glad he's able to do this since he's pretty much over his motorcycle wreck! I'm just happy the vine didn't break!

Last week Marsha's stepdad died and is buried in the cemetery where her dad and her and Mike's baby daughter are. This is little Sara's marker. Hard to believe it was 28 years ago, and they and we got to have her such a short time.

And finally, tonight, Paul and Mike are at Starkville, where the Dogs and Roll Tide met! It's underway as I write this. I wondered who would be happiest on the trip home. But Mike said it's all good. Yes, he would - with what - 13 wins??  The score is at half-time - Alabama 10, MS State 0. It is - all good - glad they enjoy going together. Love these two guys. 

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