Friday, November 08, 2013


Around the yard today, experimenting again with the digital/manual settings on the camera.  These are all SOOC (straight out of the camera). 

"Aunt Margaret's" cactus.

Holly tree near the deck.

Walk in the woods.

Our own "Fernbank" (Mitford books).

Ferns growing in the woods.

Log trail below the house.

Sunny leaves.

Waiting for spring.

Daddy Nick's horse barn and plow.

Latch. Makes me think of Mr. C, who always said, "The latch string hangs on the outside." Meaning you could come in any time.

Mama's flower pot which I didn't use this year. Other odds and ends, including Teri's frog vase I gave her many years ago. Water froze in it and the bottom cracked, but it's still cute.

More ferns and sun.

I have to say we have really good "watch cats." They alert to tiny sounds which we may not hear!

Thelma checking out the high places.
 "Heh! Don't you wish you could jump up here?"

Radiant leaves.

Last of summer's nectar.

Camillia Paul planted at the southwest corner of the house, under "Sher's" bedroom window. It's the room she uses when she's here, and which has several of Mama's pictures in it, including one of Mama with camillias from Sher's house in Columbus her last Christmas.

Knockout roses in front of the house.

Thankful to God for allowing me to appreciate and love color, photography and just walking in the woods. I've had some kind of camera since I was about sixteen years old, and always was fascinated with photos way before that. Finally got up the "nerve" to try manual settings. Just a matter of trying them out - even in the same light, maybe 5 degrees from one picture, the settings will be different for another picture. I guess, I hope, it helps keep my mind working! Hey, Jeannie - I'm working crossword puzzles again - glad to see them in the Progress, and I do puzzles online. Are you still working the Gazette's every day?

Tomorrow is our sweet Teri's birthday, in case I don't get around to writing tomorrow... 

I I think I made these - our TB (Traveling Buddies) tags to wear to the movie "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" with our purple T-shirts. This was back when we made up our names online for the Red Hats, with which we alternated bunny ears, Santa hats or whatever other season we might declare. Picture made at Teri's house, Richard probably obliged. I've had my tag on my fridge for years. Miss you Carol, Jean, Charlene (not present in photo) and Teri!!

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