Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Oscar and I walked around the yard this morning and I took pictures, held onto his leash and talked to Aunt Ginny all at the same time. Just proves an old lady can do more than one thing at a time. Now, if I'd been trying to chew gum, too...


From the top.

There is still plenty of color outdoors though last week's frost turned a lot of trees brown.

Oscar testing the grounds.

Ever curious Thelma had to go inside the pen.

Cats are amazing.

Small creek bed behind the pen. There are trails of ferns all in the woods.

Contemplating the door in the gate.

Fabulous sun looking east yesterday morning.

Love these colors.

Lone cone.

Amazing tree with this huge clump of mistletoe.

Reminds me of a painting Pam Gaskin did.

Still hanging onto the cold branches.

The little blossoms on the mistletoe. 

A smaller cluster.

"What can I explore next?"

New sedum already sprouting for next year.

Sunny porch.

The pear finally turning orange.

More mistletoe. No reason for not having lots of smooching this Christmas!

Behind the swing, looking east.

You can see the "Lane" at the far right.

Dewy morning.

Loves to give herself a head rub on these lights.

"Just a little rub right here along the cheek."

"I could have been a show cat." And maybe she was...

Temporary gate to the pen.

Can't get enough - it's glory days have peaked - I saw a few blooms that have started to wilt. Another whole year before this happens again.

But there's Mama Nick's to watch and hover over now.

Thank You, God, for these blessings of your handiwork on these Two Little Acres. Isn't there a book with a similar title? "God's Little Acre"?

Speaking of books - Sher sent me a link to her AF library that family members can use - I've checked out two books - I'm sure it wasn't as hard to link up as I made it, but I finally figured it out and it's just really neat! So now can borrow eBooks, but... of course there is the short check-out time and I don't read fast. 

I am reading One Summer: America 1927 by Bill Bryson on my Kindle on iPad and iPhone (synced) and it's truly an interesting book, written with his humor sprinkled throughout. I chose that book because it was the year before Mama was born; wanted to see what was going on at the time... Lots...

So many books, so little time... There was "so little time" 30 years ago... Makes you wonder, just what books are you going to invest your time in? But now we can't be all serious... lol

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