Friday, October 25, 2013


First the bad out of the way. Monday early (8:30) I went to the dentist, my brave little self, and had one of the crows started. Since I had some of that lovely gas when I had the tooth extracted, I thought, "piece of cake," that's what I'll do this time. Too much. Dizzy and nauseated. Then there was the whole "no epinephrine" deal. She couldn't get the tooth anesthetized long enough without it, so I had 3 or 4 injections. Just full of drugs. Drank a Coke, made it home. Slept on the couch, woke with a terrible headache, more Coke. By the next day I was much better. And it was Paul's birthday! So around lunchtime we went to Florence and ate at one of his favorite places - made us both sick. Must have been the spinach dip. But before it really hit us, we stopped at Lowe's and found a table and chairs for the deck. 

My stomach has been burning, so Wednesday I got a doctor's appointment for that. He increased a med I've been taking (protonix) and gave me another (sucrafate/carafate). The first day I didn't have stomach burn. It's a pain to take. Doubling the protonix makes me a tad off balance (I hate being dizzy), but it wears off around noon. Then there's scheduling the carafate - lines the stomach so I have to time my other meds so they will absorb... Balance, balance. 

So by today, my crowned (temp) tooth is hurting when I brush or try to floss - if still so by Monday I'll have to go see about it. It'll take two weeks for the permanent crown to come in and I don't wanna/can't wait that long I don't think. Please floss - you have no idea how important this is, folks! And do it well; I thought I was.

Now the good:

Paul got my truck repaired - ball bearings and other stuff. Two car payments. 2002 truck like new now, though.

Our assignment in book club is to go over a list of books from the 1920's through the 1990's and choose ones we'd like to read next year. The facilitators (Betty and Fredda) will choose only 12 (!) from our lists. So many good books. I have read some of them, but the more familiar ones began in the '40's.

Paul went to Starkville last night and MS State beat Kentucky 28-22 I think. Was 1:00 when he got home. 

Other than keeping everything balanced, it's been a beautiful week, and some nice pictures...

Paul wondered how long it would be till the cats climbed atop the pergola. (Our Barney has hurt his right back leg; it's better today, but yesterday he didn't greet us as usual when we went outside. Poor baby.) This is Thelma...

Amy found two of these chairs several years ago - Paul primed and spray painted them for the front porch so we could put the two that were there on the deck. These look pretty good; just for "decor" though.

Burning limbs the day it rained and was damp. I got some marshmallows for another day...

A little puppy time.

"What do you mean, this is where the cushions are now?" 

Planning her day.

The table and chairs. Unfortunately, an umbrella won't fit under the fan/light, but we have lots of shade.

"Ahoy, there!"

Fall colors.

The sedum grew in a strange, beautiful, circular shape this year. I brought two huge Christmas cacti in today; they're about to bloom - way too early, but I had left them outside.

Last Sunday morning's project - The devil will do whatever he can to keep us at home. We turned the heat on Saturday night and the dust smell set off the smoke alarms. I made Paul call the installer Sunday morning and he said it was normal. I don't remember it last year.... I mean it smelled like what you'd expect from first time heat (dust on the heat strips and coming up through the vents), but the smoke alarms scare the willies outta me. So all was well. Then the remote wouldn't work on the gas heat. Got all into that... Finally figured it out.

One of his favorite things to do: back up to the heater. And watch football.

Sunny Lucy. We haven't seen her for two days. She does that, but this has been about the longest. I have no idea where she goes. She has a perfectly good, warm, dry garage she can walk through the pet door, right here. But no... she has to wander.

Oscar sunning his paws.

The camellia we planted last spring is this color.

Lots of buds on it.

Too many over-ripe bananas. Two of these went in the freezer.

Amy sent me this picture of baby Lucy. This was 2010 I believe. Even then she had this little sad expression.

Today I got a haircut and a pedicure. Man! That's something to put on my Maintain-Me-Feel-Good list. The only thing to hold back on is the length of time for the cool stuff she put on my feet. Too cool for my sensitive little feet.  They like to have never warmed up. But it was overall wonderful.

Random thoughts: Missing Amy. She's working full-time at a new funeral home, so her off days are rarely two together. Book Sale for Friends tomorrow 8-10 at the library. Old RX med collection at the Sheriff's office 10-2. Funeral at 3 - mother-in-law of one of my SS class members. Missing Sher. She started to Panama City this evening after school but her just-repaired car didn't sound quite right so she went back to the garage; wasn't a big problem. Hope she gets to come here Thanksgiving. I guess I "play" well alone at this age. I have plenty to do and the days just skim by, it seems (except when I'm in the dentist's chair). Books to read, a project I'm working on, pictures to catalog, blog to write. Joy wrote on FB that the Hospital Auxiliary (Wynne) had their jewelry sale this week (most everything $5 each). I'm sure Jean worked there - she's in the Auxiliary. At the briefest moments I'll have a fleeting thought of what am I doing here, but it's fleeting. I wouldn't trade being here for being anywhere else, although I miss my friends in Arkansas. I have great friends here, too; it seems we text more than we see each other. I guess one of those technological phenoms. But we're in touch several times a week. Thankful for them, for Paul, for Amy, for family, for home. 

Just wish all this dental work was done.

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