Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Oscar went with me to the post office; I took my camera. I mailed a box of goodies to Amy and on the way back drove through Harmony Road by the church and back home, loving the colors of fall. The quiet of Harmony's deserted churchyard and cemetery was illuminated by autumn's golden air. There's just nothing like fall. October is my favorite month.

Aunt Ginny's driveway. It's just beautiful all year round. Uncle Wendell was a landscape artist and probably didn't know it - but he loved plants, trees and nature.

Aunt Ginny's clematis are still blooming, next to the holly berries.

On the south side of Aunt Ginny's circle drive.

Thelma enjoying a nap. 

The deck from the north side (looking south)

She loves any high point.

Ferns are abundant in the woods and along little rivulet banks.

Happened to get this antique car making the sharp U turn below our house.

Paul and early morning before socks.

Love how art imitates nature. Colors of the cushions same as God's palette.

The south side of our house.

Early one rainy morning.

It was damp and the colors were muted but rich.

A stand-off. From Thelma's behavior I knew something was in the grass or on the tree - it had her full attention. Poor chipmunk - he scampered up and around the tree trunk trying to hide, trying to escape! Thelma was in her vantage crook of the tree. They stared each other down. In the end, I saved Alvin by getting Thelma out of the tree.

Reminded me of Tom and Jerry.

Canopy of bright color.

A beautiful old barn on Harmony Road.

Cemetery at Harmony Methodist Church.

Harmony, where Aunt Ginny goes.

Old-timey outdoor tables for church potlucks after preaching and singing. "Dinner on the ground."

 Wonder how long this turkey has been on this sign post?

Wonder who put it there? 

Harmony Road

At the junction of Harmony Road and "the Lane."

This house (the back of it here) is just below the red tree shown above. I can't remember anyone living in it.

Front of the house.

Dexter's Pond.

The Lane - our house at the far end in the woods.

And we are home.

Looking west from our house.

The property west of us where timber was cut this summer.

Looking southwest from front of our house. This is just below our front yard.

Humans can build the roads, the churches, put funny turkeys on signs, have dinners on the ground, dig ponds and fence them in, build houses and barns and let them age gracefully, weave fabric and make cushions... But only God can furnish the supplies, the rich and varied hues, the paintbrushes and the Hand that colors the world. See why I love fall?

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