Saturday, October 19, 2013


Paul asked me to make a coconut custard pie for him he saw the recipe for on Facebook! Two memorable incidents: He reads FB just about every day since he's discovered he actually likes the iPad and and he asked me specifically to make him a dessert.

My week in review with pictures. Some things I did do not have pictures: WMU on Monday, Car Club meeting (eat out) on Tuesday, Sunday School class supper (eat out again!) on Thursday, work like a charwoman vacuuming, mopping and dusting on Thursday and Friday. Housework and charwoman not fit for pictures.

Up the log road just below our house, between us and Aunt Ginny's.

Beautiful fall sky through the pergola.

Putting up the light and fan.

Our lovey Thelma. She gets quite ecstatic at times.

Our gentle giant Barney. He's so long all he has to do is take a step up into your lap.

Always creepy-crawlies on the carport.

Pensive Lucy.

She always looks a little sad. I'm a little sad for her - she lost her Tommy and I put her outside. But she's doing fine. I saw her chasing Thelma the other day. I don't know who "started it," but it's not all Barney and Thelma's fault.

Beside the deck.

Cloudy full moon.

Just looking for things to photograph. Reminiscent of my "former life."

Mums Sher got for me when she was here.

I have three Christmas cacti (cactuses... hmmm) that need to come inside. Gotta make room.

The shamrocks from Charlotte's yard. They did very well this second season.

Playing with the camera inside, trying to read and follow instructions...

Beside the road where I walk to Aunt Ginny's.

Full moon shining on the deck.

Aunt G's shrub - she doesn't know what it is. Saw it in hotel landscaping once, brought a twig back to the nursery here and he ordered for her. She said there was a twig coming up I could dig up in the spring. They have red berries, similar to nandina.

The pic.

And the galloping dog running after the deer through the woods. There was about a sixteen foot wide ditch between us. This was the procession: running deer, chasing dog, more thrashing through the woods - another deer, another chasing dog. The two black dogs roam, but seem tame enough. They upset Oscar and he can tell they've been in the yard. They tore up a box last night and knocked the big green frog off the back steps, thatnkfully it didn't break.

Listening to: "As Good As It Gets" soundtrack.

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