Sunday, November 03, 2013


Sher came this weekend and we had Saturday planned for a stop at our county museum/old courthouse. Mike came out and we decided to at least meat at the Iuka museum, and did,  but it was closed. Mike had plans for the afternoon so Sher and I went on to the Corinth and the Interpretive Center, which we did tour and enjoy; then we planned to go to Shiloh. But after lunch we knew were running out of time and Paul and I had planned to go to Harmony-Central Volunteer Fire Department spaghetti fundraiser supper at 3:00. After a wonderful loaded baked potato soup bread bowl and chicken salad sandwich on pretzel bun (we split both), we stopped at Austin's shoe store and I bought a pair of cute wool socks for the winter. Then we came home and Steve (youngest brother) came to eat supper with Sher, who made them cheeseburgers and baked potatoes. We sat around and played with our phones and did visit! A little different from playing dominoes or Old Maid! Nice to be together, though.

Lucy was gone for a week, came home meowing pitifully and starving! I'm thinking she got cooped up in a storage shed or something. She hasn't strayed far since.

The cloudy, rainy day last week was perfect for pictures.

Fog the next day. Our road.

Same tree as in the banner above, which was taken last year I think.

Barney heard something in the weeds.

Red Japanese maple in the front yard.

Big yawn from Lucy.

Barney didn't catch whatever it was.

Covered bridge by Mineral Springs Park in town.

Civil War Interpretive Center in Corinth. Part of Shiloh National Park.

The tumbled stone blocks represent different battles during the war years. Markers on the side indicate the years the battles were fought.

Out of sequence - this Battery F was a few miles from the Center.

Iuka doesn't have a block - it hasn't been written about as much. The Park Service employee said Corinth had not until about the last decade.

Outside there were many bronze replicas of relics of the War.

Bronze jacket as if still lying in the grass where the soldier fell.


At home later with Sher and Steve. Playing with our phones.

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