Sunday, October 13, 2013


Sherron got to come visit for about 5 days when the government shut down. When she arrived October 1 she was "non-essential" because, well who knows why Congress said her job was non-essential - she works for finance - how ironic. She got word by Saturday the 5th that she could return to school.  No word about backpay... Always good to have her or be at her house - a little stressful this time because she was constantly keeping up with the news about whether she'd been called back or not. 

I did have my tooth extracted the Friday she was here (Oct 4), and that went very well. I was nervous of course, but Dr. Bauer was excellent and I had a twilight injection and what I did remember is slowly fading away. I only had to take OTC pain reliever. 

I don't think I've written since Matt had a motorcycle accident... September 28. The front wheel of his cycle got lodged in a trolley track (Memphis) and threw him over and landed on him - 6 fractured ribs in back, broken collarbone, torn ACL. No head injuries, thank goodness.  He spent from Sunday early morning to Wednesday I think of that week at the Trauma Center in Memphis. He's doing better, but the collarbone/shoulder is giving him lots of pain and agony. The Sunday after it happened, Paul and I went to see him - Amy was with him just about the whole time, in the hospital.  He's very blessed and fortunate.

The deck is done, done, done!! Paul got the fan/light up yesterday; Mike got the electrical problem with one of the receptacles fixed and all is working. I had a little fit when I saw how dim the light under the fan was until I read some reviews on Home Depot and discovered that in the remote control, there is a light dimmer, too.  

So thankful for Paul and Mike working so hard. They did a great job - Mike came out and worked a lot of hours with Paul and they enjoyed working together. Will miss him being here so often! Plan to have a little "ribbon cutting" soon!

Little bit of furniture needed.

View from the road in front of the house.

Wasn't quite finished when Sher was here but she so enjoyed being out in the "tree house."

My Crazy Sweater. Mismatched socks, recliner, a book and a cover.  Happy, happy. (She gave me the top she's wearing.)

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