Monday, September 30, 2013


Paul's cousin and her husband came for a visit this morning. It was quite a surprise because Marsha called me that they were coming. When she called I thought something had happened or Heather had had the baby early! But Pam, at David's office, called Marsha, as no one had our correct numbers. And David is out of town. I gave Nan directions and they were here in just a few minutes. In fact, they had asked at the sheriff's office where we lived and they gave directions. Jack said they told them "white house." They had driven by a couple of times and didn't see a "white" house. Ours is really a blond brick.

She and Jack are both retired and take extended camping trips every summer. She and I corresponded by email two or three years ago about their family tree. I copied a huge book she loaned me about the Davis/Burns families, then returned hers. All without ever meeting each other. Fun sitting listening to them talk about family, the "old place" at Tuscumbia (near Corinth). They both worked in DC before retiring and have lived overseas. She and Paul talked about the acreage at the old place and she had notes in her Legacy files on her tiny laptop about their great-great grandfather Mounterville Nichols. I imagine everything they take is compact - they have a tent camper - it's the real deal, camping. Last time we talked or emailed (I think I talked to her some at the time we were doing genealogy), they were camping in the Northwest and Canada. Paul and I both know we're not put together that way. Jack has been camping since a young boy in Scouts. Seems carefree, but I keep thinking about chiggers and other things eight tiny legs.


Below has nothing to do with our visitors; just wanted to use these fall scenes.

Surprise lilies or "naked ladies" along Aunt Ginny's driveway. Mine are coming up in singles this year. Maybe they'll spread by next year. Martha Grisham, who gave me my bulbs, said they would take over the yard - her yard is as beautiful as this. In fact, it's so well-trimmed, I wonder if she and Kissum hand-trim around the lily stems!


Thelma Lou and Barney - crazy about each other.. Lucy and they seem to be warming up to each other a little - I haven't seen Barney chasing Lucy lately, they rub noses and are decent to each other, but they don't do this.  Sunday when we came home from Memphis, it was raining and all three were up in different trees. You'd think they would go in the garage.

Garden spider. Not actual size. We left him alone, but he disappeared after Sunday's rain. He's really about 2 1/2 inches long.

Not Garden's web. This one had to go - it was fat and brown and looked full of little spidey eggs. This is one reason I keep Sevin handy. I'm sure it isn't ecologically correct, but when you see a brown spider two inches long in the shower with you, you will use DDT if you have it. It is beautiful, though. If not for the sun, it would be invisible.

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