Friday, September 27, 2013


When we moved, I had to change my medical providers - primary care doctor, dentist. I was a little late with the dental appointment, I don't know how late, but late enough that I had to have two fillings. One never did feel quite right and I should have gone back. Then I think I missed another 6-month check-up. Then I went with Paul to a dentist in Muscle Shoals. No, don't do x-rays, I said. I've just had them done... Wha??? When, I now wonder. Probably a year. So a cleaning is what I got. I then decided I'd rather go to Corinth, which is nearer, and so I did. This time I have three cavities. Good grief! One looked as if it required a root canal. Off we go to Tupelo to an endodontist (root canal specialist), because my palette and jaw are full of screws, this was a deep cavity and had been filled at least twice before. It was a goner. The endo doctor said he could do the root canal, and it might last 5 or 10 years, and would be very expensive, plus a crown. Knowing how much I have kicked myself over this, I knew at 70 or 75 (God willing) I would not want to go through a tooth removal. So no root canal. He was less than encouraging, which I appreciate. He didn't say, oh, yes, I can and everything will be fine. Then I saw the oral surgeon who was recommended and he said yes, it looked like a straightforward extraction. We went over my health history and now I have an appointment for the extraction October 4, next Friday. He will give me "twilight," which is great because I do not want to know what's going on. It will be better for him and me.

After all this bother with this one tooth, the one next to it (top left molar) has to have a crown because it has a pretty deep filling. And another crown on the other side. And a filling in a canine. I should be a very twilit patient because if all goes well, I have no intention of stressing out in the dentist's chair - and stressing them as well.  This will be a long drawn-out process because the other work can't be started until two weeks after the extraction.

So my point is: Do not neglect your teeth - do not think everything is okay just because it always has been. Have your check-ups. And FLOSS!!

I keep feeling that little old poor tooth with my tongue and thinking, You will be gone. I'm so sorry. 

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