Thursday, September 26, 2013


While I was in Montgomery, Paul finished the steps on the deck, topping the final two posts with solar lights. After I returned, he and Mike got the boards cut and criss-crossed above the deck on the pergola. One-Call worker came and marked "no lines" near the carport so wiring can be run for receptacles and light/fan. It's beautiful and I can hardly believe it has "sprung up" in that little gully beside the driveway, of course much sweat and one little hammer-hissy-banging, a little blood and lots of glasses of ice water.  Mike and Paul work so well together and they're such good builders - craftsmen, really. Precise and with creative vision.  I'm so proud of them and the nice comments we've gotten on the deck. Planning a cookout soon before cold weather, to "christen" it! There is a shop in town that makes plaques and I plan to go next week and get one made in their honor, and put it on the deck.

Mike said he thought the very top posts needed lights as well. I agree - I think a helicopter should be able to find this!

Paul spaced the east-west (ends facing toward us, and the house) boards this morning; they still have to be nailed down even though they are notched and the guys said they're not going anywhere. An amazing accomplishment. 

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