Friday, August 23, 2013


We had a Canon AE1 many years ago and it made such good pictures - way before the digital days. I've used a digital "point and shoot" for a long time - a little HP, a small Nikon and a larger Nikon with a few more dials and buttons. My Nikon is about shot as far as indoors - I don't know if it's the flash, the motor or what. It's been in the shop once for $125 to little avail. So this is what I got today - from Amazon, of course. (Every time the post lady or the UPS man comes with a smiling Amazon box, I think of Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" taking that beat up box to its owner after all the time he was marooned on the island. Love online shopping.)

So anyway, I got this with the 18/135 mm lens (comparison reading with 18/55... this is what I chose. I know hardly anything about apertures and f stops but mean to learn), and a macro lens. I made pictures of the hummers this evening and you can see their feathers! 

Paul worked all day on the deck railing and bannisters - it far exceeds anything I imagined - it's beautiful! Mike helped him cut off some posts for the pergola this afternoon. 

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