Saturday, August 24, 2013


Out and about the yard, trails. Some with 18/155, some with macro... I could figure which is which, but won't take the time now. Just amazing clarity and color - I did Photoshop them a bit - cropping and a little color adjustment, not much. Love the blurred background.

Rose of Sharon - I thought they were about depleted but just keep on feeding the butterflies and bees.

Oscar, not feeling real chipper this morning. I forgot to give him his arthritis med yesterday. Poor baby. I'll give him another dose tomorrow. When Dr. Smith prescribed it several years ago (right knee) he said start out every day for a week, then every other day. Every three days is too long. I can see that it is. When he didn't want to eat for a while this morning, I knew something was off.

I trimmed the hedges top and below to give them some shape and the deck more visability. Planning to put lorapetalum shrub on either side of the bridge. It spreads out and will make a good cover for the bridge sides. Latticework would be tough getting staggered with the uneven ground. But it will surround the deck itself.

Mowed all the yard this morning. Taking a break. I so love and appreciate him. His right hand was swelled some and I'm sure it was from holding that screwdriver albeit battery-powered. 

Wild daisies? Love the contrast.

Where the daisies are, beside the log road.

Behind/below the house. The road above comes out here on this level area.

Charlotte gave me this palm. It's done great down in the Low Garden in the shade. Will have to be repotted to be brought indoors this fall.


More ROS.

The birds and the bees love the syrupy nectar. I make it almost thick.

Lucy likes being under Paul's Camaro - I guess she feels safe. And cool.

Pine needles abound.

Little foot bridge toward Aunt Ginny's.

Late Queen Anne's Lace.

Which one should I choose? (Most of them prefer the bottom one.)

I think I'll have fun figuring out the settings. I already have two other lenses in my Amazon cart, which is where they'll stay for a good while! Expensive hobby, as I remember from our first SLR. The two I have will keep me busy.

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