Thursday, August 22, 2013


Tonight we drove to Florence and ate at Ricatoni's Italian Restaurant. My second time, Amy's first. Paul and I had taken Tommy for his birthday recently. 

I have pictures on my phone, too, but I have to email them, save them; that's for another time...

When Amy and I went shopping Monday, she got two dresses of this style. Very pretty - her, dress, shrub, all of it. I even made a pretty good picture - no blurs.

Coming home from Florence, the sky was so pretty. There were scattered showers and the Jacob's Ladder in the western clouds was beautiful. The sky was pink in the east, too.  

This train was a long one - stopped all the time we passed it both ways.

Beginning the bannisters/railing. 

Over 1200 screws in the floor!

Entry with partially complete bannisters on both sides. Does this man love me or what? His design... Mike must think I'm a pretty special sister!

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