Friday, August 16, 2013


I have worn out another camera. One is on the way from Amazon... 

In the last couple of weeks, Paul and Mike started the deck, we had Aunt Ginny's birthday dinner at David and Sandra's, and the Nichols Brothers, two of the wives (sans me), Jess and her boyfriend went to Atlanta to a Braves baseball game.  Matt and Amy were here for Aunt Ginny's birthday and I need to crop Heath into the family picture because he was standing behind his wife Tara. Then there are the hummingbirds which have swarmed the feeders in the back yard...

My new camera is a Canon Powershot with rechargeable battery, which I received first. I'm hoping the camera arrives before we go to Gatlinburg with Amy and Matt! I've started saving a lot of the pictures on my external hard drive because there are hundreds of hummer pictures and there just isn't room on C drive. So managing the pictures is almost a daily thing. 

My back is better finally. The steroid effect (shakiness, hyper-ness) has finally worn off and my back/foot hardly burned at all yesterday. No more lifting full watering cans full of rainwater! What was I thinking!? (Except now I have worked in the yard trimming near the deck site...)

 So, after all this Yellawood was delivered..

Mike came over and started helping clear the few trees that had to be cut. There was one dogwood smack in the center of the octagon. They wouldn't build around it. Ha

Fiskars makes limb cutters, too.

Most of the post holes were hard red clay dirt, a couple seeped water. All were 18 inches deep.

Taking off the limbs.

Getting the posts squared and lined up.

 I texted Tommy to come by and see the progress, but warned him he might be recruited. And he was.


I'm the water-girl. I keep their glasses full of ice water.

Beginning to see the shape. 

 Looking at it from below, toward the driveway.

This is probably out of order. But they measured and remeasured.  Measure twice, cut once. They haven't messed up a board yet. Mike built his own house.

Wish I had one-fourth the energy and strength.

I think the Seven Brides and Seven Brothers could do a hoe-down on this once the floor is in and it would not shiver one timber!

The stack is getting shorter.

In the sun and shade.

Aunt Ginny's birthday party at David and Sandra's last Sunday, August 11. L-R, Sandra, Paul, Matt, Amy, Tommy, Aunt Ginny, Jess, Billy, Jenni, Caleb, Cohen, Heath behind Tara, Emory, Glenda, seated with Ruth Ellen, Brandon in blue shirt, Whitney, Marianna, Corey in red life jacket, Lynn, David, Sandra and Sandra's grandson and I'm sorry I forgot his name!

Now I'm in this one. Matt made this for us.

Heath was hidden behind Tara (center) and I haven't Photoshopped him yet.

Amy gave Aunt Ginny some fall pumpkins decor.

Glenda with her granddaughter Ruth Ellen.

 Lynn & Brandon's son Corey.

Caleb and Cohen, brothers; cousins to Corey and brothers to Ruth Ellen.

I was actually there, but a bit "fuzzy." Glenda, David, Emory, me, Sandra.

Tommy and Matt.

Aunt Ginny's cake - almond flavored icing, strawberry filling between layers.

Matt, Amy, Paul; then me (below).

Tuesday, August 13, the Nichols brothers and two wives, Jessica and Jeff went to see the Braves play in Atlanta (against Phillies). Braves won 3-1. Aunt G and I had good seats in my den, though I know the ones who traveled had a great time together.

Left to right: Paul, Jeff, Jess, David, Sandra, Carol, Tommy. Paul, David and Tommy, brothers. Such a blessing!

Tommy looks so much like Daddy Nick.

I'm not sorry I didn't travel, but would have loved to be with Paul, these great sisters- and brothers-in-law, niece and her friend. They all rode together, Tommy drove their van, and they had some great conversations!

Go to baseball game, must have hot dog.

Great shot of the field.

Aunt G kicked back in Paul's recliner. She said it seemed like we were there what with the pictures being sent back and forth. I posted this on Facebook and she got lots of "likes" and happy birthday wishes!

A nip of fall in the air. It was very cool this morning and with hardly any humidity, a wonderful day to be outdoors.

Amy and Matt spent a day at the Memphis Zoo.

Getting ready to fly south. They can sip a jar of "syrup" down in a little over a day; as many as six to eight fly, hover, and zoom especially in the evenings.

Rose of Sharon has been drunk dry and blooms are falling. First cardinal I've seen.

I plan to have something more substantial than this made in their honor. They've worked so hard and seem to love every minute of it, though Mike slid down the bank and Paul scraped his arm pretty bad today. They're okay - Neosporin and bandaids; dusting off of the britches and come clean in the wash.

Floor joists almost finished.

My old shirt.

Stamp on lumber.

Straight and clean. All angles correct.

Doing a little weeding. (And now wearing a Heat Wrap. Old people think they can get right back up and do the same things over and over... with no major consequence!)

Yellow beauty.

Tools of the trade.

Labor of love. 

I read Opal Dean's FB post almost every day. She gives praise to God for enjoyment of the day with friends and family and knows the importance of just being. I'm thankful every morning I'm up and greeting the day, able to do what I do, albeit back aches, etc., at times. Thankful for the time Paul and I have here in the country. Thankful for our friends and family. I told Mike the other day that every time I feel the least bit guilty about being "retired," I think of the 40 years I worked.  More than 40, actually, but 40 at WECC. These days, months, years are blessings and I know it. I cherish every one of them and thank God for them. I love the peace and quiet of the woods around us, the sounds of every little creature in the woods, the calls to and from Aunt Ginny; emails and texts between those not so near. The small ways I can be involved in community with the 20th Century Club, book club, church. I am so blessed and I try not to take that for granted. Wow! Look at the two "Gateway Trees!" Even their limbs are raised in praise! That's something I have just noticed in this picture! Not only dedicated to the hard work of these two men, but to God for enjoying His handiwork and just... being.

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