Saturday, August 17, 2013


The Bridge frame was built today. Mike and Paul dug in tough gravel at the side of Paul's parking spot. He said the drive used to be just gravel until Mama and Daddy Nick had "chat" put on it (crushed gray gravel). Anyway, it was hard going. Mike said it looked like a giant stop sign, we should paint it red so we can see it on Google Map.

The deep old gravel has to be leveled out.

There are some larger rocks I can use as border rocks.

Old cinder blocks from when the house was built, used to support joists for walkway.

Love the sun and shade.

Paul mixed gravel and set the two bridge posts. The railing will begin where the nearest two vertical posts are.

Where I cleaned around St. Francis and trimmed the shrubs yesterday.

The giant stop sign.

Another angle.

Mike and Marsha ate lunch with us - Corky's Boston butt Matt gave us. Ben sliced it for me at Pig this morning, making it easier to get the lean meat out. None of us like fat. Erk. They went to see Tyler; Amy went geocaching with Erica, Andy and Kiley at Tishomingo State Park. Later she and Paul went to Mineral Springs Park for music in the park. I stayed home, sat on the carport and rocked Lucy.

Twice Amy and I have tried to free up space on her Samsung  Galaxy 3, deleting tons of pictures (didn't help); then tried copying to her Passport (couldn't). I had also tried to figure out Paul's Notes on his iPhone and merged something on iCloud. Then I had to change my password, now there's a pop-up window asking for the password every so often on mine, like always has been on his. Technology is wonderful. When it works right and doesn't confuse tech-illerates like me. No telling what I've messed up. Didn't help his Notes either, which kept disappearing from his phone. Now he has all my Notes, but the ones he puts on don't stay....

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