Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Paul bought part of the lumber for the deck at Lambert's this morning. It has rained cats and dogs off and on and of course the heavens were wide open when the man brought it. But he did a great job - amazing how adept they are with trucks, unloaders and things like that. So it's dumped beside the carport. Some longer boards for the pergola will have to be got elsewhere - they would have to order a load of 96 twenty-foot long boards for Paul to be able to get the five he needs. He didn't want to put them in that position of having so many on hand, so there are other places.

Aunt Ginny came by this morning as we were waiting for the Lamber's truck and asked Paul to go with her to get field corn from someone on Chicken Run Road (which is North Pearl Street) in Iuka. She had not been there in about 40 years and wanted to be sure where she was going. She loves field corn and finally got herself a dozen ears. She called back in a little while and said Powell's has sausage again - of course, I always get a couple of packs and freeze it. So she and Paul will go for that in the morning. (I rode with her once out there but I try not to ride with her. For one, she stops too fast - if she stops - and it makes my head spin. It has to be a Broughton trait - Paul does the same thing and I have to remind him to ease up to a light or sign. Oh, he does stop, just not till he gets right on the mark.) 

I've been working on gathering more "ingredients" for my project. 

I went to Brenda's friend Jane's visitation last night and did wait for Bren a good while; talked to another classmate of ours - JoAnn Grisham Bolton (not related to Jane). I know she is exhausted - from grief and helping the family. I started to go to the funeral, but thought she would need me later. So many people today. Two people at the funeral home last night thought I was related to Jane because we favor. One thought I was her sister. Very nice compliment - she was a sweet, kind Christian lady.

The sun is out again so I may try for Walmart again. Or if I don't make it past the bedroom door, will take a nap.

The deck will be in those trees behind the lumber, just past that little tree. It's a low place but a ramp or bridge will go out to the deck, level with the gravel here. No steps!

Thelma - Lumber Inspector

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