Saturday, August 03, 2013


Let me say - I did sleep better last night. The radio was off for a decent amount of time and when I noticed it back on the volume was very low. My back was better - it's a bit touchy now because I have not stopped all day. 

I took my CPAP disk to the pharmacy and learned that Medicare pays for a new mask every six months, unless there is a malfunction, in which case it is every three. But I did find some nice cleaning wipes for it. I went to the grocery store and I went to see my cousin Edwina and her husband who've had a very bad time lately. He had been hospitalized for diabetes-related stomach/digestion problems, and she broke her ankle while in the hospital room with him! Getting up from the recliner - which had slats across the calf rest... Her foot got stuck between slats and all of her went forward except her foot! They've improved somewhat. 

While I was gone, Paul made a trip to Belmont with a friend (Berlon W), and as he arrived back home, Tommy came by and asked if he wanted to ride to Corinth with him. Both had busy mornings. Mike had called and wanted to see what he could do about clearing the spot by the carport for the deck, so Paul called him back and they cut small trees, measured, made a list of beginning lumber. Octagonal shaped with small arbor or pergola. It will be tall, as I didn't really care for steps - I have enough trouble with the ones to the back door. But it's in a wooded area and will have lots of shade. Plus a fan and light fixture and receptacles. Paul and I have a hard time communicating linear and abstract, but Mike smoothed the way and before I knew it, they'd decided what they need to start. 

Then I made pictures of butterflies; and Oscar and Barney.  Barney and Thelma must go with us when we walk. Barney knows just how much to aggravate Oscar, and crediting O, he is very patient. He was glad to see Mike today - becoming very sociable, but not eye-to-eye-pet-him sociable. He just can't take it. But he's sooo much better.

Measuring for the opening "bridge" between the two walnut trees; a natural gate.

String leveler - it will be tall, but no stairs at least on this side. Walk straight out to it from the carport. There will be steps to the left rear, down to the "Low Garden."

What else can we do today?

The string is nearly to Mike's shoulders. A small valley here - our house is built on a little knoll, one of many in this area.

Hauling off what was cut.

Look up toward the drive from the Low Garden. The deck will be in the middle of this spot. All the trees that need to be cut have been, so we'll have a "treehouse!"

The Rose of Sharon (lily bush) got a lot of business from this butterfly today and several bumblebees.

So fragile, delicate - one of God's masterpieces - as light as almost nothing and knows just where and how to land. 

On our walk back up the log trail, Barney of course has to trot along, annoying Oscar if he possibly can. 

I know you hear of more deaths when you are older. There have been so many - this week the mother of Sue, one of our Twentieth Century Club members died. She was 92 and Sue was devoted to her and visited her almost every day in the living center. Then Bren let me know today that one of her dear friends from church died in a car accident. I've met Jane and heard Bren speak of her many times. Paul said he heard it this morning at men's prayer breakfast - a car swerved over into her lane and hit her car head on, on Pleasant Hill Road. I won't know until I get to Heaven at least and maybe it's not for us to know, why at such a moment in time two vehicles in close proximity are destined to hit each other. Two seconds sooner or later and the outcome could have been different. It just doesn't make sense. But I know God knows and I have to rest in that. 

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