Friday, July 12, 2013


BBQ at Mike and Marsha's. Steven with Tyler. That isn't Oscar begging, but Max, Morgan/Erica/Marsha's dog. It rained hard while we were here and Mike has a tin roof over this deck. Tyler is two today (Happy Birthday) and we're going to Morgan and Steven's tomorrow for his party. I had no idea what to get him (it was not easy to find something Kiley didn't already have yesterday), so I got him a gift card from Walmart.

 Ribs are ready!

Erica had a birthday July 8. Kiley helped Marsha put candles on it.

Everyone was moving around so. The face in the corner is Marsha's mom, and Darlene, Marsha's sister. Paul with back to camera, Heather (black T), Mike, Allen (Darlene's husband), Benjamin. Lots of good food!

Marsha and Amy. I took the potato salad (yellow); Marsha made the cake and decorated it. 

 At Tommy and Carol's the day before (on the 4th). David and Sandra had lots of company of their own and didn't make it. Aunt Ginny went to the Anglin annual reunion at Midway.

Amy, Marianna, Tommy, Carol. Love going there; nice deck. Tommy didn't change his shirt. He wasn't patriotically attired! I think Amy has some pictures of me on her camera. I really was there.

Strawberry pies.

Looks so much like Mama Nick. Or, as Amy noticed, Walter Matthau!

More lots of good food!

Thursday (yesterday) I treated Bren to lunch at Homestead. Combined 130 years of life here. Both of us now 65 and have been best friends for 50 of those! God blessed me (and she says her!) so much when he put us two together! Kiley and Erica joined us for lunch. Kiley took the picture.

Love the self-photo feature. Bren told Kiley she could look back at this picture of her and remember these two old women! 

Kiley and I went to Walmart after lunch and I bought this Polly Playset for her. She had a lot of it put together while I started brownies.

And she finished the brownies! The kitchen stool is one Mama Nick had here forever and we use it all the time. Love it!

She said she wouldn't put her head in there and lick the bowl, but I bet she wanted to! Had a good time with this little girl, my great niece. She's very sweet and obeys so well. Her parents have done a great job.
I took Kiley home around 5:00 and Erica was happy to see her, also told me how much she enjoyed some alone time! I know how that is! Told her to call when she needed a break! Last year she cried (Erica) when school started; I know it will be emotional again, but I think they are both ready!

At 7:00 last night Paul and I went around the Lane to Harmony Road to Becky and Earl Walker's for Sunday School (Paul's class) fish fry. Seventeen of us there. We sat with Glenda and Emory and another couple Sandra and Jackie Woodruff. She's from Burnsville, he from Alcorn Central (schools) and I asked if she knew Diane Boothe. She did and I told her how she was related to me. Then... turns out Sandra was married to one of my first cousins at one time! One of Slip's son's, Sammy. Asked me did I know my dad's nickname and of course I did - "Coot." Amazing how small this world, this community is. She was my cousin by marriage at one time. It's fun finding out things like this. Small town life. 

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