Monday, July 22, 2013


Like a snow day - nowhere to be, nothing I have to do.

Sher arrived Saturday evening; I had a "country" supper for her. After her whirlwind few weeks past getting her house rented and establishing residence in Montgomery, it was nice just to kick back and do nothing. She does have "work" to do this morning. And I can't work on my "project"... so..

Yesterday she went to see Jordan in Jackson, TN, and had birthday lunch with thim. He'll be 30 on the 26th! Unbelievable!

Tomorrow we plant to visit friends in Cloverdale, Alabama, about an hour away. Sher started first grade with Diane and her aunt Carolyn is near our age; I remember going to "Caroly Faye's" house - it had a dog trot and was so wonderfully cool. We got to play in the spacious attic.

Earlier this morning we sat on the carport and enjoyed the cool air and sounds of rain pattering around us. It's thundering again. Love rainy days like this. Gentle.

Amy sent this picture of her and Matt, remembering "hammock days" at Mama's.

Paul is in the garage working on his "new" 1952 Ford pickup he bought last week from someone in Hernando, MS. It came in pieces, but Paul has the fender, grill and hood back on it. The man who sold it just didn't want to work on it any more. It's been primed and looks really good. I asked if he is going for a 1932 next. (He has a 1972.)

Last Friday night we were on our way to Florence to eat and I called Mike to see if he and Marsha had plans. They were going with Erica, Andy and Steve to Rattlesnake Saloon in Freedom Hills, in Alabama, near Cherokee. I'd never been, so, okay, here we go. "It's not as curvy as Rose Trail, is it?" I asked Mike. He said NO, as he described a wild and crazy roller coaster ride. About half way there I took a travel sickness pill. Paul and I ate - good hamburgers - but it was HOT and LOUD - which I do not do well at all. I caught the first available truck back up the steep incline and waited int he air conditioned gift shop for everyone to be ready to go. It wasn't long, but I was ready! It's a beautiful setting and the acoustics are wonderful - natural cave with an overhang, from which rainfall flows, but the tables are protected behind the overhang. Would be a pretty drive in the fall, in the daytime. I think my Sunday School class has had lunch there, but that was before my time. This is way back up in what's called Freedom Hills and it's a small mountain riddled with curvy roads, steep inclines, and not ideal for someone with seasickness! But I made it. This is in the same area Edwina and I rode in last fall and I got so sick I had to get out of the car and walk for a bit. So "maybe" I'm getting better. I still keep my dramamine with me. Beside the tree to the right is Paul with niece Erica, Andy's wife. Younger brother Steve kept trying to get me to go up to the top level (where the retaining fence - posts visible) are. I kept assuring him I did not want to go. He finally realized it was too hot, too loud, and too strenuous for me! The realities of getting old!

Sher put everything in storage and I had asked for just a few things to "keep" while she is away from her house - the big glass float, the Christmas Santa, Mama's purse... But we decided it's best she keep everything in one place. I'll look at Mama's purse once again before it's stored away. I originally had it, but when we moved, it seemed time to pass it on to her, especially since I'm older and I didn't want anything to happen to it if something happened to me. I know - it's "things." But they're important things to us. The next generation may or may not think so. But during our tenure, this generation, we've tried to keep family and family history together. It's so important to us. 

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