Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Sher and I and we all had a great time when she was here last week, and the days flew by. (I had a "crash" on Saturday, but that's another story. Just overdid it.)

Despicable Me 2 was on at the Iuka Drive-In, the last drive-in in Mississippi. Great family atmosphere. Families backed their vehicles in and opened hatches, tailgates; sat in lawn chairs; had sleeping bags. Kids playing football toss with dads, little tykes running around in pajamas. 

 I'm glad Sher melted the butter for popcorn after all.

This blue bowl has been "the popcorn bowl" for about 25 years. Amy had painted on the outside of it years ago for a gift for Paul - when he ate popcorn almost every night. No speakers to hang on the windows, but dial the radio to 98.9 I think. It fades out as soon as you exit the drive-in.

We didn't stay for the whole movie, just wanted the experience. Drove around uptown and made a few pictures. This is the sign from the 150th anniversary, whatever centennial that is - I can never remember - on the side of one of the buildings. 

Tuesday we drove to Cloverdale, AL, where our friends Diane and Carolyn live. Diane made hamburger pie for us - she remembered Mama making it and the first time she ate it at our house she thought it was the best thing she ever ate. What a sweet remembrance - and it was delicious! I had two helpings!

Sher and Diane started first grade together at Threets School. Diane's birthday is July 1, Sher's is August 4.

 Birthday cake - Cool Whip frosting. Yummy!
 Patty (Diane's sister), Diane, Sher, me.

Patty, Sher, George (Diane's husband).

Diane, Carolyn "Caroly Faye" (Diane's aunt), Sher.

Diane, me, Carolyn in C's back yard.

Diane has a wonderful collection of antiques!

She gave us salsa and hot slaw. Another yummy!

Carolyn's sewing room. She has a serger - 4 spool. Janome. I've been thinking about one for some time...

The "Pink House." It isn't as pink as it used to be. The one we built after our house burned nearby.

The "picture window" - unheard of in that time and that area - especially in a Jim Walter home. I didn't remember the vaulted ceiling. It had been 50 years since I'd been back inside this house.

The kitchen. It has been redone - new cabinets, per present owner who was kind enough to let us see through the house. And "The Sink."

This house was always pretty isolated. The road going past it is still gravel, and it has a long drive up to it. The woods have grown up around it - to the right used to be fairly clear - we could walk to the creek below the house.

The ceiling.

A very old quilt block of Diane's.

Wednesday Sher and I worked on Melanie's wedding pictures, Photoshopped some, went to Walmart, had prints made, got two sets - one for her and one for Mel. Mailed Melanie's the next day. I don't know how I had so many copies of all of them - and copies of the backed up copies!

Thursday, we met Charlotte and Bren at Homestead for lunch. Me and Bren.

Charlotte and Sher.

Bren and Sher.

I bought some Fiestaware plates. This is a piece of fabric I've had for ages, and flowers from my yard. Sher took them later in the week (Saturday) to the cemetery for Mama's grave. We always take some kind of fresh flowers. The family gathering was Friday...

Left to right - Marsha's delicious nutty-gooey cake, my chocolate ganache, and in the carrier - Aunt Ginny's caramel! 

Barney and Thelma played underneath the blowing tablecloth.

Tomatoes from Diane's.

Kiley and dad (Andy), brother Steve (Andy's dad; "Papa Belk - imagine that - my little brother being Papa Belk!), Sher. Looking at wedding pictures.

Erica, Kiley, Steve, Sher, Marsha. We all used our electronic devices at some time or other.

Aunt Ginny came - she's part of the family! Sher's birthday - L-R - Morgan with Tyler, Aunt Ginny, Heather (baby Tuesday due November 27), Sher, Ben, Marsha, Mike, Amy, Paul, Erica, Steve, Andy, Kiley (who loves flowers). Oh, and Oscar - who was Excellent! He bahaved and enjoyed company. The only time he got a little out of sorts was when Kiley was making pictures and was at eye level with him at the back door - him inside and her out and of course "looking at him." He got a little growly then - just no eye contact from strangers...

Sher, Marsha, Morgan.

Erica, Paul, Ben, Heather. So nice to see so many cars in the drive. Good to have family nearby.

Diane's corn. George picked probably three dozen ears but we couldn't bring it all - maybe 24 ears - I knew I wouldn't have room for that much - but it was wonderful - sweet corn. 

Sure enough, Amy decided to come, and then got a call for a job. She came back Monday evening and got yet another call - and went back home yesterday. But always glad when she can be here.

Saturday Sher left for Georgia, to walk up Blood Mountain, part of the Appalachian Trail. (Wish I had some of that stamina!) Spent the night at Wolf Cabins, Sunday drove "home" to Montgomery. She's four hours closer than she was; it's still a "fer piece." 

Had a great time. A long way from Cloverdale, yet not so far. Thanks, Diane and Caroly Faye, for making that feel more like home, too.


Sunday I rested. Had to - my blood pressure was up Saturday; I could tell I was so tired and by evening my face was flame red and heart rate faster. One of those nights. Monday, though, I was rested enough to be determined to go to Hobby Lobby for "supplies." And I did. Left about 9:30, got back home about 2:30. It's 48 miles there and back. 96 total. For me, that's something, I hate to say - I just have to take it as it comes and do what I can. Some of it I know is anxiety - what if I have a migraine? What if my bp goes up, what if, what if?? I decided I won't live in fear. Monday. The next time I may have to overcome it again. But that's what we do - put on our BGPs.

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