Monday, May 13, 2013


The first of three Mondays here.

Paul drove me down on Friday- nice trip - 8 hours. Birmingham is hilly and traffic is heavy, but I managed to keep my head about me and didn't have to take travel sickness med. it was cool, cloudy, rainy most of the way so a nice day to travel. Oscar, being the great little traveler he is, did well.

Saturday Sher and a friend (Rita) went kayaking in the morning and we all went to Seaside in the afternoon to eat at Great Southern Restaurant-very good. Sun Dog Bookstore just in walking distance in the pedestrian area. Lots of walkers, tourists, young families, bike rentals.

Paul went home yesterday and arrived there at 3:00. Lucy was safe and sound-Carol had not seen her when she fed the cats (also Barney and Thelma Lou). It was Mother's Day and Paul had left me a sweet card on the bed when he left. Sher, Oscar and I did almost nothing all day. Read, napped, ate. I misplaced his leash and improvised with Sher's jump rope. Sher and I ordered 1c books from Amazon. The bookstores used to be one of our big things to do, now it's Amazon's sellers.

Love being here-of two minds about vacationing (even retires need to): miss home and our yard, trees, birds, kitties; but love having no expectations and just doing a few little odds and ends.

This morning I took out Sher & Bill's name from wedding cross stitch from 21 years ago (how did that go by so fast) and am in the process of lettering in Melanie and Kevin's with their wedding date June 1. We will be here for it-Amy is coming back with Paul; Mike and Marsha are coming, too. This may take longer than I expected because my eyes get blurry with that tiny needlework (or reading)...

There are workers at a couple of other houses nearby but the heavy drilling has subsided for now.

The CPAP machine is doing fine, rather I'm adjusting to it well. I believe I'm feeling better. Had a good trip down, then Saturday I didn't tire out like I usually do late in the afternoon. So hopefully some progress. I discovered the ramp up button-instead of the air pressure starting off at full force (6), there is a button that once pressed starts it off at 4 and gradually increases. His has helped a lot getting breathing adjusted when going to sleep.

Sher's sunroom, my favorite place to be- Bonnie's parrot is on B's deck whistling, talking, wind chimes tinkle through open windows, cool breeze...

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