Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Sher's jasmine, Spanish moss and a Sunday breakfast on Mama's table.  

She and I ate at a deli called Newk's then went to Publix for groceries. The produce department is like a garden. I can see why, after being in Europe, on leaves back in the States, she would wander the aisles and absorb the color and bounty of grocery stores. Don't misunderstand - I am thankful for our stores in Iuka, but coming to a big city with grocery stores the size of Publix is culture shock!

Today I plan to bake chicken, cook corn and steam fresh green beans, and try my ha d at biscuits made with real lard. I haven't made biscuits in years, and I'm sure I've never made them with lard. Sher orders it from somewhere. I'll ask Bonnie to come over, too. I hope the supper turns out okay. Sher will be home earlier as she had to take her car to the shop. Her transmission sounds draggy-the mechanic said its in "limp" mode.

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