Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Bren told me Zenobia would be speaking Sunday (4/28) at their homecoming so Charlotte and I went after our Sunday School hour, and a cup of coffee at Charlotte's house. Zenobia is 93 years "young," and a member of the 20th Century Club. Her son Jim spoke and sang also, as well as Linda and Terry Hester (brother and sister; Linda is in our SS class, but evidently grew up at Spring Hill - attended Midway School).  This is the same church and school our District III Convention was held - a jewel of a little Methodist church and I felt at home when I first walked in.  So Charlotte and I enjoyed the morning there and I, of course, got a few pictures of Miss Z. Unity 4 sang as well - they're a popular Southern Gospel quartet and we've heard them several times. Two of the men are brothers - J. C. (far left), and  - I remember their dad Calvin when we lived at Oldham, though he and his family lived up on the hill between Riner's Ridge and Snowdown Road. And their church was Unity Baptist...  Love all the connections and history.

Memories of her mother and grandmother, who were charter members. Her son Jim is at right.

Bro. J. B. Burns presents Miss Z a rose honoring her for being the oldest active member. Her daughter-in-law pinned it on her. Miss Z has the "children's moment" on Sunday mornings.

 "Oh, my goodnes! You all just surprise me! I love surprises!" Miss Z was tickled pink!

Unity 4 - Second from left and far right are brothers - Johnson.

Last week I had a sleep study at the hospital here. Dr. Bagwell referred me to Dr. Morris, pulmonologist, a couple weeks ago, and medical exams creep slowly by, gathering information. I sure wanted this to be all done before I go to Sher's May 10! It'll be close. So anyway, fatigue and stress - pushing myself. Dr. B said everything I'd told him thus far pointed to sleep apnea - which I suspect. The first sleep test indicated yes, indeed, just over the margin... I didn't ask how many times an hour I stop breathing. So night is the second sleep study - with cpap. I know that sleep apnea causes all sorts of problems - blood pressure, heart rythym among them - which I already have, and to what extent lack of sleep contributes I may soon find out. I don't relish the idea of a cpap, but I also want to have healthy sleep, lower blood pressure, no anxiety about whether or not I will sleep, or if I'll have enough energy to make a day's activities. No energy, of course, constrains you. I realize age is one thing, but I know other people my age who don't seem to just fizzle out around 5:00. Medicines I take also make me tired, but this has been to a degree that I'm ready to try a snorkel. So tonight-sleep at hospital again (very nice room - well decorated - Bren did a great job - Town and Country furniture, her son David painted the room, built the large nice bathroom - you would think you were in a hotel room). Tomorrow afternoon see the pulmonologist. Maybe, maybe I won't have to have a mask, but nose tubey thingys. Then back to Dr. Bagwell Thursday. It won't be long enough for him to tell a difference since I won't even have the machine until next week (I'm hoping - there it gets near the 10th again). I know that pain can cause bad sleep, too, and my sciatic nerve gives me fits sometimes; back, leg, foot pain. You should see my fashionable black support knee hi's. Lovely. I refuse to wear them on the beach though! A step at a time... I don't feel like I should feel "old," and I don't want to get all down about this - but there have been some very close calls. Pain, fatigue, anxiety - all prison walls limiting activity, enjoyment and just life

Verse from last week when I had my knickers in a twist - I won't even say where I was when I prayed for God to please don't leave me in my old age. I'm sure He didn't mind. I texted Bren back and forth a few times and then fourteen minutes later, Kay Arthur's FB page showed this verse:

At Iuka Hospital Sleep Study Room


Tommy came by on his motorcycle yesterday evening. He said it's his reward for all the pedaling he's done on a "real" bike, and he really has put some actual muscle-miles on his bike. He's enjoying this one so much. Love this boy. He was six when Paul and I married. I believe they are twins separated by 14 years.

Some miscellaneous pictures around the yard - finally got a few good ones of Elusive Lucy. She is bleaching - her orange is coming out more.

 She ate almost a whole (small) can of cat food tonight.

 Hide and seek in the irises.

 Mama Nick's azalea near the carport. It has more sun this year and looks better.

 Telling some tall tale he heard at Jack's this morning.

Ginkgo I bought at the Master Gardener's plant sale a few weeks ago - Thelma goes on walks with me and O, and we stopped to inspect the tree. I hope it's a male tree - I read after I bought this that the females don't have a very "nice" odor. One reason I put it so far away from the house. It's near the Bradford pear, which, come to think of it, I didn't notice had an odor. Usually they do.

The "stream" that only runs when it rains. But it's so green and bordered with ferns and lined with mossy plants of some kind. It crosses the path between our and Aunt Ginny's house.

Oscar waiting at the foot bridge.

Oscar running foot loose and fancy free - love to watch him run - so happy - ears flopping.

Although I know I'll enjoy my time at Sher's and with her, I will miss home - miss the kitties, the yard, the birds, and Paul. (smile) He'll have the king size bed all to himself. (Funny how we have both found ourselves hugging the edges of the mattress at times though we have that huge amount of space.) Sher's been selected for a 10-month class beginning in August and will have to live basically away from home for that time. I know she is homesick already.

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