Thursday, April 18, 2013


I just haven't had or made time for here lately. So I'll catch up a bit with pictures:

Our Club entertained local nursing home residents for March birthdays. The gentleman on the end had a birthday the day we were there. Sue is standing, helping with the Jingo (Bingo) game. 
Hello Kitty blanket I "tied" for Kiley's birthday. I haven't even downloaded her birthday pictures! I'm a sad case for a historian! It rained the day of her party; Erica and Andy had rented a bouncy house for the weekend, so the day after the party, she got to enjoy it some. They also got her a trampoline, which overjoyed her! 

Thelma Lou on Amy's car hood. Paul backed into her car and did significant damage this time. (His second time backing into it. I had done it once. We're not used to other vehicles being around. You'd think we could remember if she's home, her car is in the drive!) So our insurance had a claim on it. This is the old hood before repairs and before major damage. It was crushed upward like a tent.

Love misty mornings. Hawthorne (pink) and spirea.

Looking east that foggy day. It had rained a lot the day before, still standing in the ditches.

Barney checking out the road. He and Thelma Lou walk with me and Oscar every time we make the little loop down the road back up the log trail. One morning TL sat down in the middle of the road, like, ho-hum... I scatted her back to the right-of-way.

Under this little table is where we buried Tommy. We also put some metal siding pieces over it so protect it from anything that might dig. This is just behind the garage. Still miss him and those big yellow eyes, his gentle ways...

Can almost see to Aunt Ginny's through the woods. This is the path I cleared last spring and had to remove a few small tree limbs that had fallen across it. Still needs a bridge...

More mist.

 Spiders work hard to create jeweled webs.

Same road, Barney outlined in the light beginning to appear through the mist.

At church, Young at Heart, Miss Elsie N told the whole creation through resurrection story on flannel board. She did a wonderful job - she's a Bible scholar and can recite whole chapters of the Bible. Her home is where we have had Bible studies. She is a cousin on the paternal side of one of my cousins and favors Patsy a lot.

My friend Charlotte won the Yard of the Month award from Twentieth Century Club. She was thrilled and I was happy to have a part in this happening. It was my and Jo's turn to choose the yard. I knew Charlotte had worked really hard and it shows.

Panoramic view of our house from the road. Paul put landscape timbers in front of the house and planted rose bushes, which probably can't see in the picture. But the yard is beginning to look "lawnish."

Barney and Thelma Lou. I haven't mentioned Lucy - she is fine. She is adjusting well to being an outside kitty. She'll sort of tolerate Barney, but she and Lucy don't get along well. Maybe a nose touch occasionally. I have seen her and Barney sort of playing. Lucy, being an inside cat, and Tommy, being very sedate, just didn't play. It was sweet watching her get used to the big outdoors. She finally came out the pet door and she didn't know what to make of the hugeness of the big world! But she roams around, doesn't get far from the garage, but is coming on the carport some. Never a big eater, I've finally, maybe found something she likes, and I can't think what it is. One of the little individual cans of fancy food. Barney (the yellow cat) is only about 9 months old. 

 More fog. Last of the jonquils.

And our thoughts and prayers have been for the victims and those who lost their lives in the Boston bombing. Today the FBI released the photos of the time-lapse frames of the two men walking. I can't even imagine what it must be like to have no regard for life and to do something like that. The first responders and just ordinary citizens were wonderful in just going into the crowd helping any way they could. 

God Bless America. God heal our land.

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