Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Monday morning I decided to put Lucy in the garage. She cried and I cried, then she began to explore. She's been fine the last three days. I taught her to go through the pet door in the door of the partition dividing the garage space and she learned it pretty quickly. Barney stays there with her a lot, much to Thelma Lou's dismay and disdain.

This afternoon Paul decided to drive the Camaro a little and the battery was down, so he charged it. Before he backed it out he said he didn't see Lucy anywhere and looked for her so she wouldn't run out the big garage door. Later I went out to check on her and she is nowhere to be found. She is either in deep hiding and not making a sound, or she has found the way out the other pet door that leads outside. In which case, this little house cat may never come back. I know it was a chance, and probably inevitable. That's why I wanted her to know how the pet door worked. I had hoped she'd grow more used to the outdoor sounds and being with Barney. She may yet be in the garage. And i don't want to even think of her outside alone in the woods not knowing anything about the big world outdoors. But I think Thelma Lou was an inside cat at one time and she's made it fine...  I just can't think about it now. Too much loss. Maybe she'll be in the garage or even on the carport (you think?) in the morning. Sweet kitty. She would pat my face, drape herself over my arm, loved anything that clicked and clacked - I called her Techno-Cat. Loved watching me sew and play with the thread. I didn't think it was fair to her to keep her inside alone with Oscar chasing her. Now I'm not so sure.


I started writing about the 20th Century Club District III convention which our club hosted, and it was a dark and stormy night... and I lost everything. Since it happened almost three weeks ago, here are just some highlights and the newspaper account. It really was fun and Terrie W and Terry S did a great job organizing and pu

Our club members with three state officers (three ladies in middle - blue vest to black and white jacket). L-R Vicky, Terrie, me, Maxine, Sandra Pope, Darlene Adams, Jo, Joy, Zenobia, Ruth Ellen, Sue. Terry S wasn't in here; I don't know how she missed being in it.

All the hard work I did typing this whole book!! Of course I wouldn't have known what to do or placement of pages if not for Jo, club president. Very proud of this!

And this! The scrapbook we worked on for three weeks!! Terrie W painted and lettered the front.

Jo's Publicity Book.

My Barney!

Registration. Terry S in black/white checked shirt.

Theresa and Harry Bowman of Bow-T's Catering, with daughter-in-law Samantha. Food was fantastic! 

VP Maxine W and President Jo R.
 Great decor - Western theme.

Great food and entertainment. Band is Terrie's brother Larry's.

Brenda, in red sweater, one of the arts and crafts judges. Oleta on left, Eve in middle

Jo introduced Iuka Mayor Jackie Bryant... who (below) welcomed everyone.

 Terry S signed "We Shall Overcome," and "Lean on Me."

GFWC-MFWC special theme this year - Veterans: Freedom to Serve.

This week we had March birthday party at Tishomingo Living Center - cake, soft drinks, chips for about 20 residents. They always enjoy our coming. Mr. Robinson, Mr. Herbert Robinson's cousin, remembered me. Asked how I stayed so young looking. Told him I take lots of naps! I don't have those pictures saved yet. Easy to take my camera, but then I have to email them to myself, then save them and crop, etc. 

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