Saturday, April 27, 2013


Amy was home almost twenty-four hours before she got called for a job. We got a lot done in a few hours though. She got her photos together for the Tish County photo contest and we went to Bren & Jim's for monkey grass, plus a few other bonus plants. Paul and I set out - actually he trenched and all we had to do was "place" the clumps of grass along the slope of the yard to help prevent erosion in the back yard. It rained as we were getting finished. It was good to get on my knees in the wet grass and ground and pull the dirt into the little ditches with glovey hands. There were also two surprise lilies (from the Old Woodley House where the Battleground is commemorated), and some ivy, which I planted (stuck in the ground in the rain) at the base of the birdbath.  We had a hodgepodge of supper after Amy and I had eaten a chicken tender dinner from Jack's. Paul finished my chicken and scrounged for something later; I had cream of chicken soup. All the cats are fed and have flea meds for this month. Oscar is fed and happy. 

Thelma at the top of the bank.

A little "rasslin'" match.

Surveying their domain.

Saved dirt for mixing with Potting Mix. 

Mandevilla for the front porch.

Sweet kitty - Thelma is like no other cat we've ever had. She eats fast and as much as you'll give her. No mincing around!

Neighboring landowner's nephew is cutting pines off their property just west of us. Some hardwood will be left. Paul is talking about having our back acre thinned out, as well as the front. I love the seclusion, but the hardwoods will grow better. If I repeat myself it's because the internet is so slow I've forgotten what I said. lol

Barney checking out the dirt, the grass or both.

Line of defense against erosion.

Paul bordered the gravel in front of the garage with landscape timbers.

(Absolutely the most ridiculous case of non-downloading on internet. I'll be checking into another provider ASAP! This is like the first dial-up I ever saw at Teri's probably 25 years ago. It has taken these pictures a loooonnng time to download and they centimeter down the screen like a snail. Finally, after two days of working with this post, I think they're about to appear.)

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