Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Yesterday was a very sad one. Our Tommy Cat could not stay well and we made the hard decision to have him euthanized. Amy was here and I'm so glad she was. She had wanted to be. She held him all the way to the vet's, all the while there, and all the way back. I suppose there is no "cat heaven," we are not told there is one... But I know that God made all creatures and He is so creative with his designs. Tommy was a sweet, gentle big ol' tom cat and we were blessed to have him for about fourteen years. I do know that God knows when we hurt, when we have compassion, when we do the best we can humanely for the animals we are given care of. We have had to bury two cats and sweet old Bitty just walked off. It doesn't get any easier because we love them. They are part of the family and have their quirks, likes, dislikes, little meowing languages we pretty much understand. Tommy had a huge purr-er and was a comfort at night even though he would sleep on our heads if we let him. But he did get between us and his motor would run and sooth me. He was so big that he thumped the floor when he walked and had one lone claw on his left foot - either left on purpose or by mistake (we didn't have him de-clawed - he came from the cat shelter that way). 

Lucy seems to want to be extra close... I don't know if she realizes he is not in the house... Maybe so.


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