Tuesday, March 05, 2013


After a beautiful, sunny, fairly warm yesterday (though a little windy), we woke this morning to rain, a downpour, clouds and thunder. The wind has picked up and it comes through the pines like a train. Forecast says it's supposed to blow up to about 35 MPH with gusts of 40-57. Why 57, I don't know - I guess they figure these things out.  

Since I had nothing pressing to do today, at least until 6 p.m. (Bible study - the last one in this session), I went back to bed, read a while and napped, with Lucy draped over my arm. 

Yesterday Amy and I returned shoes she had bought in Corinth, did a little more shopping at Burke's, came home, baked chicken. She went to see Erica, Andy and Kiley and about the time she got home and fixed her plate, got a call to go to Forrest City for an embalming job. So quiet when she leaves, not that she's noisy, just - gone...

Getting ready for spring ~

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