Thursday, February 07, 2013


We're still steadily working on the scrapbook and it's going to be beautiful. At first I was really not looking forward to many days of going to town and working for 2 or 3 hours for two weeks. But it's not just about scrapbooking - it's getting to know the other women better, remembering that it's still important to have some organizational skills, remember how to use scissors and arrange page layouts, and the art of putting together something lasting, historical, and part of all of the members of the club. I've learned how Jo and Tuck met, that Maxine is a classmate's cousin (Brenda R), that Maxine's mother's first cousin was once married to my first boss at Woodruff (TE was from Iuka), that 90-year old ladies besides Aunt Ginny still cook for themselves, that it's a social event in itself to get together to work on this project, that Willadeen usually doesn't wear a coat (and is reprimanded each time by Zenobia!), that Z is from south Alabama, Maxine went to school at Holcut, Jo married Tuck in Henderson, TN, and her first name is Hermi (she told us and it was also in her wedding picture I saw with the article in a FB friend's grandmother's newspaper scrapbook!), and that I have learned a lot and accumulated many hours of "volunteer" time! ha So, yeah, it's more than a scrapbook.

Me and Zenobia. She and Bren attend the same church - Spring Hill UMC.

Willadeen, me, Jo, Z.

Tuesday I went to Bren's and took her a little Happy - a Pray Pottery ornament with a rooster on it. Saw it, knew it was for her - in "honor" of her Red Rooster, who has almost become a pet. Told her when the jonquils bloom all over her hilltop (David's hilltop) and she takes a notion to ride her Chuckwagon up there, to call me - I feel spring in the air and just want to be outside! We've had some pretty days. Yesterday I fertilized the wild/climbing rose by the road, and the thrift, which has put out some tiny purple flowers, and I hope it doesn't get frost-bit back. Jonquils here are blooming - especially the little patch in front of the house. Hoping the petunias come back up, but Aunt Ginny has huge patches, so I can dig up little sprouts - they grow like weeds. I've already decided not to pull the hose or carry buckets of water all over the yard like I did last year. It was so dry, it was every day's business, and I just don't want to do it this year. I'll get some petunias for the ends of the swings and change out the potting soil in those hanging baskets. Maybe some ferns for the front porch and carport.

The other day Paul said we need to decide what to do in front of the house - landscape rocks or whatever - for the rosebed, which will need a few more roses, but the knock-outs are easy. Also want to put stepping stones from the driveway to front porch, and eventually get plans/ideas for deck. I know I want a pergola over part of it. It will also cover the mossy, un-grassy part of the north yard. Just not a good grass-growing area.

Sher sent me this picture of Nate earlier in the week, from Melanie. I enhanced it some, but he is just so beautiful - no enhancement needed there!

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