Saturday, February 16, 2013


Finished scrapbook; Jo mailed it Wednesday. Terrie W painted the front cover. Over 200 manhours (womanhours) putting the book together. It's beautiful.

Had Valentine Party at Tishomingo Industries, Valentine's Day. I didn't stay for the spaghetti lunch but helped the other club members assist residents with making Valentine bags and cards. Standing club members L-R - Sue K, Ruth Ellen C, Zenobia O. I don't know all the residents names' but seated in the red sweater is Amy W, daughter of one of my classmates. Jo's daughter is seated in chair where Z is (far right).

Sue and I help Amy with Valentines. Love these folks, sweetest people!

Book Club meeting at the library, Valentine's Day. (The Virginian - excellent review by Betty McKee, as always. Good discussion.) She dressed as "Western" as possible, and did a good job of it. We had three new members, not enough books to go around. I did get one, but will turn it in, as I bought the ebook - I like underlining and making notes on the spot. Oh, electronics is such a spoiler! Still love paper books, the colors of the jackets, smell of the pages, ink, feel of it in my hands. Ebooks as so handy, though.

Twentieth Century Club meeting at my house Valentine's evening. I used the three Willow Tree figurines Beck, Carolyn and Norma gave me for my 60th birthday. There were 11 members present. Fredda is recovering from knee surgery and Jo F is very ill with cancer. (I don't know that I've met Jo F - she became sick just after I joined.)

Got to see Tyler last night. We went to the Dinner Bell in Corinth to eat last night - Mike's family and us. Morgan's birthday is next week. Tyler is becoming "little boy," fast leaving behind the "baby boy!" He doesn't miss a thing!

Went to Erica and Andy's to see how the move into Mama/Ben's old trailer was going. Steve and son Andy had just returned from Best Buy with a new fridge. Erica and Denise had gone grocery shopping; first thing in the new fridge was some chocolate covered strawberries I had dipped and some chocolate chip cookies.  The 5'3" on the window is actually on a boxcar on train track you can see through the window out the back deck door. The RR track is just across the yard and a pretty wide creek. Close enough that when you talk on the phone you have to stop if a train goes by.

Going to eat at Tommy and Carol's tonight. Just had a call from Carol that their next door neighbors (Carsons) house burned! We heard the fire truck go by and Paul said it was going toward the highway. 

Some "nature" pictures - always something happening outdoors! Barney and Thelma Lou - this is not what it seems. They've both been fixed. They "rassle" all the time. Don't you love her expression? It's always that way, but she's a sweetheart. I think Barney's fur is mink - it sure feels that way.

Cloudy as I drove to the "Belk Place." This is headed south on 25. The light circles aren't meteors... But isn't that a scary thought? Those videos of the ones over Russia were like a sci-fi movie...

What sweet gift from God this morning, to take my mind off my aches, just after I got up and before Advil kicked in!  

Paul has been working behind the house clearing vines and broken limbs to the top of our little hill (which I didn't know we had until he marked off the property lines and tagged with hot pink ribbon. There is a "wind-y" path now (I can't think of that poem) from behind the house about diagonal from the jonquils to the top left corner of this picture. Nice walking path. I've let Oscar run free several times through the crunchy leaves and the outside cats (B & TL) always follow us like puppies. Love my animals! Love my Paul - he gives me the nicest gifts - this week he planted 49 pink lady bulbs a friend from church brought to us! He talked to Mike about going to get a load of lime to spread on the yard; it's east of Midway. Mike said most all of these yards need lime. Someone told Paul it'd make the grass grow like crazy.

 I have all my Medicare, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Prescription coverages set up and ready for March 1! Amazing that I'm that old! 

Got new glasses last week; have to go back and see why the right eye/lens is still fuzzy, though. The 28th. I got Crizal lenses - do like them for cutting down on glare. It's the prescription that's not exactly right - distance vision.

I did crash yesterday after all the activity. Then I went to the pharmacy and bought myself a pair of support knee-highs. Legs weren't too lively after being on my feet most of the day Thursday. It's been three years, one month and 3 days since I retired. I don't know how I had time to work.

Going to pick up Aunt Ginny to go across the highway to eat!

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