Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Last Friday night and Saturday morning I attended the Harmony UMC 9th Annual Ladie's Retreat - Aunt Ginny's church. Carol and her sister Myra picked me up; Brenda was already there and we all sat together for the evening meal - grilled chicken salad, baked potato, chocolate chip cake. Courtney Barnes Fair presented the program in keeping with the theme "Bread of Life." It was refreshing to hear someone "in the midst" of a trial say that she knows God is faithful when she has no idea sometimes where she is or how she got there. (She lost her grandmother, then her mother last year within a few months of each other.) Something she said really stayed with me: that she often has "God-cake" instead of "God-bread." God-cake is just however much of God we want, when we want Him, in the proportions we want. God-bread is the everyday sustenance of our lives.  

Saturday morning Lora Morris Van Meter spoke and was just as inspiring. The pastor explained the communion and she and Tiffany Johnson served it. It was truly humbling and I could see the way it touched them as they served. It was a joy to see their joy.

Aunt Ginny is a hard worker in her church and was there just as chipper as any young person, greeting us at the door as we came in. She was there Friday and Saturday and we both agreed we would need to "crash" on Saturday afternoon.

But.  Tyler (and Morgan) came to see Grandmommy and Granddaddy on Saturday and Paul and I went to see him - them. Erica is also working on getting Ben and Heather's trailer (Mama's old trailer) painted inside and ready to move in - rent to buy. It's the first time I had been inside since the last day over five years ago we left after cleaning Mama's things out.

He didn't quite know what to think of this at first (maybe his first time?), but he soon made it gallop!

Have been working more on the scrapbook this week. It will be as beautiful as all the others and sometime when they are moved to their permanent storage place (the Old Courthouse Museum) I'd like to go look at them all.  Met Brenda at the library today and we exchanged computer devices - she borrowed my floppy disk reader and I borrowed her cassette reader/converter (can copy to MP3 player or disk!). I have lots of cassettes, many of which have Amy as a bitty child talking, singing; a few of Melanie/Sher when they were in England - has to be at least 38 years ago because Mel was about 2 when they left for overseas the first time. We used to send each other cassettes before the days of Skype, email and Facebook. Will try it out tomorrow.

Collage page I laid out - our May social (2012). It was my idea for the '50's theme. Terry Shea did the "records."

Bible study at Elsie's last night - eleven of us there. It's a Kay Arthur, Priscilla Schirer, Beth Moore study - Faithful, Abundant, True.

A wind and rain storm came through last night - blew things around in the yard - plastic chairs, lid off the small garbage can, and one shutter off the front of the house - broke it into. Old shutters, may not be able to match, plus the fact that Paul painted all of them last summer.

Thoughts as they come: eye doctor appointment last Friday. Dilated my eyes, did annual "in-depth" tests - visual field, etc. All okay. Ordered new glasses/frames. Crizal. Vision had changed enough it was very annoying and the "this way" or "this way" was very evident. These frames will have rims, though I've enjoyed my little rimless ones almost four years. My eyes are beginning to look older and at least the rims will cover some of the dark under my eyes! You do what you can... :)

Yesterday morning I went to Bren's for a girl talk and coffee, though we only had some good nut bread she'd made. Was good - doesn't seem strange any more that she's so near. She's been retired long enough now she's beginning to unhibernate! I know! I went through the same thing - don't call me - I don't want to go anywhere, do anything or be responsible for any kind of appointment or project. She went to the old courthouse this afternoon and is going to help transcribe old death records for Tishomingo County. She is a wealth of genealogical knowledge. Can quote generations of many families in the county. A treasure. More ways that one - true blue friend.

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