Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I love to shop on Amazon. I can't seem to find the time and energy at the same time to trot off to Florence to Hobby Lobby, or Books-a-Million, or even Corinth unless just absolutely necessary. I am so spoiled to being in my little place in my little town, or out of town, really. Our community is known as Harmony. Good name. So I shop online. I feel sorry for the mail carrier Debra sometimes when I have orders coming to the house. But she drives up the driveway and honks, and I go out, not even embarrassed now at being in my pjs around noonish when she comes.  This came last week:

I followed directions and didn't blow myself up as I had always feared I would, but it does absolutely put out some steam!!! At first I didn't have the lid set firmly and the indicator didn't pop up. Then I got that right, and after it steamed on "2" I turned it down to "1." Then when the 20 minutes was up I flipped it to release. I think I was supposed to wait till it stopped all the "1" steaming 'cause it released whatever else it had built up. I didn't blow the lid, gasket, or my hand off, but I had a little learning moment there. It isn't like the old ones as you can see, with the bobbly little knob on top. I have always been scared to death of these things, but maybe I can handle this new fangled style. The instruction say to replace the lid gasket every year. Paul said I'd never have to because I wouldn't use it enough to wear out. Hmmmm. All I've "cooked" in it is water so far, but I have plans...

The jonquils are up in front and back of the house and a few at the side. Aunt Ginny's are really blooming, beside her driveway, behind her car shed. My birthday flower.

Amy is home - in fact she was home yesterday, got a call and went to Memphis, spent the night, worked her case, then came back. "Better than sitting home waiting for the phone. Here I can be with y'all." Good to have her here. She watches the animated shows, which I don't care for, but I know she's here and I love that. She and I went to a friend's to pick up some club scrapbooks she had which I hadn't seen and we stayed about 30 minutes. Maxine has so many pretty collectibles! My goodness! Amy and I were in awe. She had so many pretty lady's head flower vases from the '40's. She and her husband used to go "collecting" or "junkin'." Also Blue Birds of Happiness (from Arkansas), Fostoria, Roseville vases, wall sconces, depression glass.... Amy was in awe and wanted to make pictures but her camera was in the car, and I didn't want to impose. (Amy's a good photographer and has many images on Instagram.) It was like a trip to a museum. Every time I turned around there was another treasure. We really enjoyed it. Never know what surprises lay in store - we just went to pick up some books and we saw treasures and learned a lot. I asked M if she'd been to the quilt store at Paden and told her about all the glass he has there. She'd been once long ago when he first started displaying the quilts. I told her we'd go sometime when it gets warm.  (The lady shown below is hollow from the top of her hat, to hold flowers.)

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