Thursday, January 24, 2013


Weeks can be completely empty of anything going on, or completely full. This is a "push" week.

Monday I actually got to be home and watched a lot of the inauguration - first time ever I've seen so much of one. Political views may vary, and some greatly - but I'm so thankful to live in the United States!! All the "pomp and circumstance" made me think so much of Mr. C and his dedication to us to be sure so many of his employees had opportunities to go to the Nation's capitol. I went several times when I was working; so many that when Beck and I went alone once, I half-way knew where things were! (Love the Metro system.) I thought of Mr. C so much that I called Miss Mildred, his widow, and had a good chat with her. She had lunch ready for son Bill and his "crew," and bread ready to come out of the oven. I could smell it all the way over to Booneville! Know it was delicious. (Miss Mid could make the most wonderful homemade cinnamon rolls swimming in gooey, buttery "frosting; and I bet she still does. Mr. C would occasionally bring a pan of them to work hot out of her oven.) 

Paul cleaned up around the horse shed.

"See, Thelma, the thing is - you need to knock REALLY loud!"

"No, that's not loud enough yet!"

"Now you've got the hang of it! Yeah, both feet!"

"I knew our sweet Mommy had a treat for us. Glad you got that knocking-on-the-door thing mastered." 

To be outside cats, they are entirely too fat. I've seen Barney with one mouse - no, Paul saw him with it. Months ago. They don't have to hunt. They just have to knock on the door, wait, then go sleep in the garage where there is also more food. (Paul bought doors for the partition wall inside the garage - and another pet door. "They like to go sleep in the mower seat (Barney), and some box or other on the shelves (Thelma). They had to have a way to get to the other part of the garage." What a thoughtful Daddy.

Some of us worked on the 20th Century Club scrapbook for 2012. Three days this week. Jo wants to have it finished and mailed to Jackson for judging competition by February 5. Previous scrapbooks are about 4 inches thick. Lots of work, paper cutting, but so pretty once finished. Inspires me to work on some of my pictures/albums/scrapbooking. We'll see how much inspiration after this one is finished and my back quits hurting! Last year's book won 1st place.

Maxine W., Willadeen T., Zenobia O., Jo R.  (Interesting thing I learned today: my first boss at Woodruff was married to Maxine's mother's first cousin! T. E. Bostick was from Iuka, which I knew. "Six degrees of separation" sort of thing.) I was working, too - I made the pictures - in my "spare time." ha  We work in the meeting room at the library, but everything had to be put away today because of another group's meeting tonight. 

Eye doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon. I told Paul to be prepared to drive me if it's sunny - my eyes are light sensitive anyway, and tomorrow is dilation time. Also going to see about HD lenses or Crizal, something to cut down glare. The old ones aren't in focus anyway - four years since cataract surgery and my last pair.

Tomorrow night is first night of Aunt Ginny's church's ladie's retreat; finishing Saturday morning. Come Saturday afternoon, I plan to crash. 

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