Saturday, January 12, 2013


...his book in living color?

Marsha and I saw "Les Miserables" yesterday. What can I say? It was amazing. I love movies,  and this was a great movie. Not only do I wonder about such a masterpiece of classic writing, but the creativity and imagination of bringing it all to life... Well, if you haven't seen it, you should. And if you have, you know what I'm talking about. I've seen the play twice at the Orpheum and both times was just as awed, as with the movie. Themes of grace, forgiveness, freedom, courage, redemption, love, despair, hope - it's all there.

I was kind of dreading the whole theater thing because the volume is always so loud. Indeed, some of the previews jarred me to the bone, and I'm always a little leary of bright flashes of light setting off a migraine. But there was only a handful of people at that showing and I asked the theater folks if they could turn it down just a notch. They either did, or I gradually got accustomed to it and lost in the story. The battle at the barricade was hard to watch because of the, well, the battle. But now I'm ready to go see "The Hobbit." 

Paul and Mike met us after the movie and we ate at Dinner Bell - always really good food. Then Mike and Paul went off looking at something at a sporting goods store, and Marsha and I went to Belk's. (Mike and Marsha's last name is Belk, but as far as I know there's no relation. None immediate - you know how genealogy goes...) She bought shoes and I bought a purse and a pair of house shoes for Paul. But these were too small. Amy had gotten him some for Christmas and had to return them, too. Sized differently, different brands. (So he just wears his $10 Walmart canvas slip ons... :)

On the way home, Paul and Mike in Paul's truck, ahead of us - a deer jumped out of the median and hit the driver's side - it was a hard thud as Paul had to grip the steering wheel. They didn't stop. Mike called Marsha to see if we'd seen a deer on the highway; we hadn't. After looking at the truck later at home, there thankfully was no damage - but some hair and blood on the wheel well and end of the running board. Deer are all over the place here.

It's raining again today after yesterday's beautiful sunshine... A good day to stay in and catch up on things like WMU minutes, shortening these blinds, and cooking some good ol' pinto beans.

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