Thursday, January 10, 2013


Had to do this before I forgot - Christmas pictures when the family was here - Sher's surprised look - reminded me of this picture of our grandmother (Goobie). They would have been about the same age. Sher really looks so much like her at times - she also favors our youngest aunt - Shirley - who died 6 months after Mama did. Well, I was just messing around and thought this was a good way to preserve a little humor; sent a print to Sher this week. Goobie hated to have her picture made - I don't know why - she was so pretty. I can still see the way her mouth moved when she talked and how her Southern accent sounded. They're not all the same, you know. Hers was probably northeast Tishomingo County, MS (Glen and Iuka) with a little Shelby County, TN (Memphis) in there.  I remember the shirt Goobie had on, too. The baby bottle is one of our Burns cousins, I think. Must've been at Aunt Shirley's, for some reason I think so.

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