Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Fredda retired yesterday as Iuka's librarian after holding that position for 34 years, and doing a fabulous job. She wore many hats, as the job required, and loved every minute of it. She had a great party; the library board did a great job - lots of nice food, pretty table decorations. Although the weather was about as bad as it can get without snowing, there was a really good turnout - no empty chairs. Fredda and I graduated in the same class at Iuka - 1966 - and there were six of us "girls" from the class there to congratulate her and help her celebrate. She and I have become reacquainted after all these years from my going to the library and also being in Twentieth Century Club together. I had seen her over the years at the library, only occasionally, as visits home always centered mostly around family. As the paper would say, "A good time was had by all!"

Fredda and Sam. (Sam was in Paul's class - 1964.) (Picture from camera - pixels not clear.)

Fredda at the check-out, new librarian Gwen Spain with phone.

Nancy Brown presenting Fredda a Pray Pottery tray. Pray Pottery is an Iuka family-owned and run pottery studio. Beautiful pieces those ladies do - Rhonda and Lauren Nunley.

Fredda in one of her many "hats!"

The "class" - L-R - Ann, JoAnn, Fredda, Suzie, Sandra, me, Charlotte, Brenda. (Charlotte graduated from Burnsville HS, 1966, though she really belonged to us!)

The girls, 47 years ago!



Pat (me)

Adding a PS - January 15 was also my three-year anniversary of retiring! Already! I hope Fredda enjoys hers as much as I have so far - any many more to come for all of us retirees!


January 15 was another anniversary - in 2006, my best friend Teri died. I still "feel" her ways, expressions, phrases, gestures, love. She will always be with me. And how can that be seven years...

 Eight years ago these last two weeks of January, the Travelin Buddies ventured to Gulf Shores, and spend a cold two weeks "playing." Wonderful time... Carol and Teri. Carol was the pedicurist.

One of the restaurants we ate at - "Big O's" evidently! Me and Jean in the middle. Jean is the little one! 

God has truly blessed me with an abundance of friends - I love them all, near and far.

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