Saturday, December 22, 2012


The family dinner last Sunday was lots of fun! Lots to show and tell but I can't get it all done at one sitting. Kiley loved the doll - she named her Erica Amy for her mom and her third cousin (my Amy). Sher has been here all week - we've watched a movie every night this week, she's caught up on some work (fun and work-work) and mostly we have been right here in these quiet woods.

Tara sent me a web site to get blogs published (blog2print) and I had my 2010 and 2011 bound and printed - pictures and all. It arrived today and it is wonderful.  I cried. A book - MY book I created! I had printed others before when I had a access to a good printer, but this is hardbound, indexed, numbered pages... two years of memories, from retirement to moving, through two Christmases, losing Mama Nick, making new friends and remembering old ones. Altogether I have seven years of writing and pictures - printed. Plus many other typed and handwritten journals. I told Sher today not to let them be taken to Goodwill! Oh, and I finally opened my Kindle Paperwhite today and it is truly easy to set up. I only have free books on it so far that I'd downloaded to the Kindle on my phone. It seems the first "purchased" book should be special. (I have a free English Standard Version Bible on it already). 

Richard had surgery Monday and is doing well. Linda said he is having coffee, juice and Jell-o, and most of the tubes are out. He had an intestinal mass and it seems to be good news so far. Contained. Awaiting biopsies. Removal of some large intestine... Major, but looking very hopeful. 

Sher leaves Saturday. Amy has been here a couple of times - two trips - her back is better, she's having PT. Paul had a doctor's appointment in Tupelo today - an ongoing bothersome carbuncle that is so deep. He will have in-office surgery for it in two weeks. The doctor didn't want him to have to suffer with pain through the holidays, so evidently he intends to go deeper this time... It was pretty painful last time (April). Hopefully this time it will heal all the way and stay that way.

Kiley with Erica Amy.

Kiley and Tyler.

Grandaddy (Mike) and Tyler. (Tyler has managed to say Grandaddy with accent on daddy, which sounds a lot like DooDoo. 

My other brother Steve with Kiley, his granddaughter. She calls him Papa Belk.

Sher's son Jordan and Hachi.

Ben (Mike and Marsha's) and Heather, his sweet wife of just over a year.

Oscar's favorite place when Sher and I watched movies.

Elfy Sher. She looks about 12 here.

Wagon we got for Tyler. It was raining when they left Sunday (12/16), so they loaded it box and all and took it home.

By the back door.

Breakfast fixin's.

Tommy in a pensive moment.

Sher's running shoes. 

My "white Christmas" tops.

A walk in the woods.

The sun was just right through the trees behind our house.

One of the foggy mornings.

The Belk crew. Mama would be so happy... (Sher holding her picture with her favorite camellias.) Everyone here, even the dogs. All four cats declined being the the noisy crowd.

My book has inspired me to write just a little every day and post at least one picture.  Just one. I tend to get behind and then try to catch up all at once. 

Since I'm "catching up: - Sher left this morning. Now to get ready for Paul's family Christmas morning breakfast in a couple of days. Lots to do.

Sher and I went to Corinth yesterday and returned my Kindle Paperwhite which wouldn't stay connected to wifi and would only connect if I was sitting right at my computer. We went to ATT store to "look," and since I had been considering the iPad for some time, I bought one! The full size - they ordered it and I'll have it in about a week. It's beautiful. A gem of a device. I like techy things, not complicated things, not when they're frustrating, but oh, my goodness - the color - color books, color everything! I asked about wifI connection problems and I can return it in 14 days if it has the problems the Kindle did. There is no comparison. They're not the same thing anyway, but Steve Jobs got it right. Well, it's an expensive toy. But didn't I work 40 years to have such things as this occasionally?

Paul had TV installation put in the garage and now all he needs is a small fridge... He buried the cable from the end of the house to the corner of the garage. The installed did a really neat job on the back of the house and going up the garage for the connection. 

Tara and Linda both sent pictures of brand new baby Dean Alexander Jackson - Neall and Becca's baby born early this morning (Dec. 22) four days early, and one day before my and Paul's anniversary. 

Neall and his new son.

God is good.

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