Sunday, December 23, 2012


This morning I sat in church and looked at the very spot on the very day of our anniversary - December 23, 1968 is the date Paul and I married. I still can hardly believe it's been that long - yet it has passed by so quickly. I'm so thankful for every year - ups and downs - everything. Longevity on this earth, especially in today's world, is rare. I'm thankful to God for keeping us together through everything we've experienced and keeping us close to Him and to each other. Thankful for Amy, for other family, friends, pets! Just two little kids, really, starting out together. And, as I've said before, we've come full circle... Back home... 

The little bouquet of flowers... The dress someone else made for me - I made Mama's dress she wore to the wedding. This was a Vogue pattern and I thought too difficult for me. The veil was borrowed - I don't even remember from whom now, maybe Martha. I still have the dress. Polyester, boat neck, three-quarter sleeves, short - as the style was in 1968. Look at Paul's cute little curl on his forehead. Twenty and twenty-two. The baptistry behind us is now open with a cross on the wall behind it. Paul's cousin Glenda played the piano for us. 

This afternoon Amy treated us to dinner at El Picante in Iuka, and took this picture of us...

Changed just a little. But I still feel like the 20-year old sometimes. Not when I get up in the morning, getting the stiffness out of my joints, but in my "self." 

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