Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I finally managed to get a little outfit made for the doll I bought Kiley (great niece) for Christmas. After three tries I got the bolero made. The dress was a breeze after that. I don't have the fine motor skills I used to!! I think of all the clothes I made for me, Amy (and Barbie doll clothes, even Ken) and some jackets for Paul!!

I hope she's pleased. It's a little summery style. I have an old pair of Goodwill jeans to make doll jeans from - they're so big they'd be enough for three probably. Since we're having my family get-together Sunday afternoon, the kids will get their Christmas gifts and I'm glad to at least have the dress ready. 

Needless to say Lucy has been a big help.She tried to model it, but it was a bit small for her. She didn't mind me putting it on her though. Sweet kitty. 

(The cutting board is only about 40 years old.)

Now I may venture into the attic for some old cards people sent to Daddy Nick when he was hospitalized so long before he died. I thought of making tiny boxes from the cards, attaching ribbon and using for tree ornament gifts to each of Paul's family members at Christmas breakfast. I made one trip to the attic and it's exhausting. You wouldn't think so, but try pulling yourself up holding onto the rafters... There is a small walk-around the attic door opening, but I had to hold onto rafters for balance.  

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