Thursday, November 22, 2012


A very full and happy week... Below is Charlotte with Kirby sitting on her shoulder. Kirby is the namesake of Kirby's Kloset, a "junktique" store in Burnsville. Kirby is as friendly as a puppy and Charlotte just as comfortable with him because she had owned a parakeet for many years.

The beautiful "pink" pumpkin (breast cancer awareness) Charlotte made 99% of the arrangement in it - I added the leaves at the bottom and a twig or two in the arrangement. She gave this to me Monday after our shopping trip. She had two, one had begun to go bad, and Brenda didn't want one anyway... This will go to Aunt Ginny's tomorrow for her table unless she has something already.

Tuesday's library lunch - a lady made two beautiful arrangements from greenery she had in her yard and neighbors' yards. She's been doing this for 30+ years and it was fascinating to watch her. Don't spend a lot of money - use what you have. And we have a lot around the house now. Wet foam and pick-sticks - wired ribbon, old garland to hold cut greenery together - imagination - voila! A centerpiece or door hanger!

Thanksgiving - this and the Christmas one below were door prizes. I didn't win either, but glad I took pictures.

So simple. So elegant. Even plain old boxwood is useful in wreaths and boughs.

Later Tuesday evening, Mike texted me that two of his female goats had each had twins! Four baby kids! So naturally I went out to see them. Later on the way home, talking to Sher, I said, "I think I still smell goat on my jacket." Later in the house, I discovered - not on my jacket, but the bottom of one shoe. With a hundred treads. Pick, pick, pick and wash it out!

Kitty and her kids.

Freckles and her babies. 

"They" must say, "Let's take our cat-dog-unwanted pet to the fork of the road where the crazy Nichols lady lives. She'll take it in." I'm beginning to feel that way. 

This little lady showed up three days ago and I drove around the "neighborhood" trying to find out to whom she belonged. No one I asked claimed her. A couple of people already knew that such-and-so neighbor didn't have cats. Paul kept saying he was going to take her off. I said I couldn't stand the thought of it. She's sweet, friendly and has been someone's pet. I still think she probably was an inside cat - her coat is not matted and her paws have long hair between the pads, not worn off from roaming around.

Same sweet boy - he's adjusted well to all the kitties.

There's a spoon growing in our yard!

Had to wash her car! Had to.

Beautiful moon.

I called her Prissy, but she ignored me. 

"I don't think she's going to leave," Paul said today. I said I didn't think so either. "So can I feed her?  What do you want to name her?" I asked. We discussed the Rubbles as in  Betty. But I had named Barney after Barney Fife because he just looked like Don Knots at the time. So I decided Thelma Lou just to keep the Barney connection right. She reminds me a little of Dr. Seuss, our cat from several years ago. 

Today I made brownies, and baked potatoes for tomorrow's sweet potato casserole. Amy washed her car, it was that warm. I was looking at the book of letters I typed from Mama Nick's letters to us and one from about this time of year maybe 25 years ago - it was snowing! (Has the planet warmed that much??)

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