Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The week has flown by. Some pictures of last week's gathering at Aunt Ginny's. It took me two days to get over all the food I ate. It was wonderful, though.

L-R - Jenni, Jess (sisters) Marianna, Amy, Whitney (sister to Marianna), Aunt Ginny, great aunt to all these girls.

Me, Paul, Jess, Whitney, Aunt Ginny, Amy, David, Sandra, Carol, Jenni, Marianna, Billy (Jenni's husband), Tommy.

How many Nichols boys and degrees does it take to figure out a tripod? Three brothers; five degrees I think they said.

Carol and her girls, Marianna, Whitney.

Aunt Ginny with Jenni, Jess.

Me with Carol.

Getting the tree ready, with help from Lucy.

How I'd love to get all in there.

Old chandelier crystals on light fixture. Aunt Ginny has holly and nandina she said get all I wanted. Will put that up there some way, too.

"Jazzy angel" tree topper still works. Must be at least 30 years old. It blinks on and off, thus jazzy. The quilt is one pieced by Paul's grandmother, pretty bright colors reminded me of Christmas.

I spent some time on this, but knew I'd get behind... Taping "Parenthood," mine and Sher's favorite TV show, along with "Downton Abbey," which will start back in January. We watched the "Revisited" program that was on Sunday. Sooo good!

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