Sunday, November 11, 2012


Several people on Facebook have daily posted things for which they are thankful. I remember some years ago during Thanksgiving season Oprah introduced The Gratitude Journal on her show, and I diligently made my entries for a whole year. It's good to look back at the time and remember all those blessings. The next year I started another one, but was not so good about keeping it up. Occasionally I'll pull it off the book shelf and whatever date it is, I'll turn there. If there isn't already something written down I'll write for the current date.

Thankful Amy gets to come home often, and wants to be here. It relaxes her after her sometimes very hectic and intense work she does. The couple of days she was here this week, we worked on the path through the woods again. Paul finished up yesterday by mowing all the way to the deep ditch/creek. (It's lined on either side with ferns, so I'll say creek.) We went to Tishomingo State Park, built by the Civilian Conservation Corp during the depression - Paul's dad had a hand in this. Amy had seen a picture of the Swinging Bridge in a restaurant and wondered where it was, how far. She and I were alone, so we called Paul, he met us and we drove the short way to the park. The entrance attendant waived the $3/car fee since Paul told her he had not been there in over 40 years. Nice gesture. I can only remember being there once in high school, but I remember the bridge. Paul said the park hadn't changed a bit. There are native rock boulders as large as houses, beautiful forests, the colors were wonderful. 

Friday I cooked a roast, peas, macaroni and cheese, cornbread and apple-caramel cake for dinner. Aunt Ginny joined us for dinner and we "christened" the new table. 

Another day, (I lose track of what we do, so I'll just call it another day - maybe it was the same day...) Amy and I went to Mike and Marsha's to get eggs, then to Jim and Brenda's for his home-ground meal. He buys the corn and mixes his own self-rising meal. I got two five-pound bags and they'll last a while. Bren and Jim decorate for the season down near the highway, and their big hay bale turkey was up in full plumage - Bren made his ol' gobbler head. They saw us stop by the highway, making pictures, and came down on their Chuckwagon. Later Jim brought out his beautiful antique John Deere tractor he was going to drive in Corinth's Veterans' Day Parade. While Bren and I talked, Amy drove the CW around their house taking pictures. So good for her to be out in fresh air and just enjoy losing track of time.

Last night we met Frank and Martha in Tupelo and ate at Olive Garden, visited again for a couple of hours. Probably be January before we can schedule another get-together. Maybe they'll come spend the night with us. They live in Olive Branch.

My Sunday School class had its progressive supper last night and Charlotte made the salads. She had salad left and Paul and I went to her house after church to help her, Jackie, Linda and Nancy eat the rest. They were still fresh and tasty: spinach with craisins, 7-layer, and carrot/raisin (which Paul loves and I can never think to make). Jackie brought coconut pie and gluten-free brownies with raspberry sauce she had from the dessert part of the supper. Sorry I missed all the fun, but just can't be in two places at once. We had already planned to meet our other friends and had a good time. 

So much to be thankful for. It's supposed to be cold next week. WMU meets in the morning. Marsha and I talked about going to Florence tomorrow afternoon to her used book store and to Hancock Fabrics (sale). Hopefully, the weather won't be too bad. It's been so windy today and this evening. Thankful for a warm house, the trees all around, for friends and family, for health, for sleep, for books, for our Savior. He is to be praised above all for everything. Like Paul I can say, I have been in want and I have had plenty... God is good - He provides, comforts, protects, teaches, forgives, loves unconditionally.

Whitfield Hill.

Entrance to the park.

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